Welcome to KpG (AKA: Why We Do What We Do)

Somehow, I feel like our first post should say something like “Hello World”.

(Is that too much of a geek tell?)

[Kell’s interjection: Shhh…if you just continue on, the normies will assume this is business as usual and probably just politely laugh and comment on the landscaping. Trust me.]

But it’s our first post; so we should probably list something more along the lines of why we’re here and what we plan with future stuffs.

Well, first off…. If you’re here reading, you probably:

  • A.- wandered here by accident (but find us so enthralling you decided to stay)
  • B. – are new to KPop and are trying to understand how this whole thing works
  • C. – are way deep into KPop and you desperately want to help your stans win some stages and awards, but adkskdjghik the Korean voting thing is complicated
  • D.- you’re one of our friends that we told to read this because we were feeling all proud about being on the internets (read: you were threatened with awkward childhood pictures posted to all of your social accounts if you didn’t check it out)[There’s always the possibility that our friends will read it because they are genuinely wonderful people and care about my extremely fragile ego.].

We’re hoping your answer is either B or C. [Nothing inherently wrong with A either. I mean, we ARE rather enthralling. Stay awhile and listen! For those answering D, yay friendship!)


We met over the IgnoreYourOwnLivesAndStreamStreamStream-A-Thon of 2016. [We should totally trademark that.]

And with each hard earned milestone- it seemed like there was another setback.

Because misinformation was everywhere.

And how things are actually counted is hard to find.

And if you’re an International Fan… also known as an iFan… er…. I-Fan [We should probably use i-fan. Otherwise I feel like we’re shilling for Apple]. If you’re a fan who doesn’t live in Korea and are just trying to do your best… but you don’t read Hangul… and even when you do find instructions in English Engrish (or whatever language is better than Bing translate) you begin to think there might be something to those conspiracy theorists; because clearly you still need some kind of super decoder ring and a magic map to make sense of the How To Vote directions….

So after whining about whyyyyyy for the love of soju in the whole world wide web wasn’t there one place where all of the information was available…. we thought oh- wait. We can do that.

So here we are. [Ta-da!]

Our goal is to make a one stop shop for award stage requirements, stats for records, how/why/when apps should be used, which websites are valid, how to stream…. you know, all the things the new i-fan struggles to find.

We will likely also add things like dates every kpopper should be aware of, calendars of debuts and comebacks, all mixed with a healthy dose of snark and terrible puns. Because we roll like that. [Cotton candy, sweetie go, let me see that Tootsee roll! (Don’t judge me.)]


Full Disclosure:

Yes, we’re both ARMY brats, but this site is for all fandoms. Misinformation and lack of knowledge is a problem in every KPopped corner. And the sooner we purge the cancer out of KPop, the better it will be for all of us.

Full Disclosure Round 2:

We may on occasion go off topic. Like: “oooooooh new band- so shiny. Go see, go see”. Or just a “haha- made you look”. Because no one wants to read page after page of just stats and numbers. Well… no normal person (accountant excluded). [Represent! Also, I think actuaries are way worse, just sayin’.]


So that’s us. We’ll try to help make sense of the whole Korean voting/charting system thingy. We’ll also try to make you laugh along the way.

So, yeah.

Hello world. [I actually coded this in COBOL a long time ago. The good ole days.]

The International KPopper’s resource guide is finally here.



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