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A Look Back: March 2017



News and Views:

3rd – Blackface…. again. Mamamoo (*sigh*). It’s a good thing the girls themselves put out an apology because the one from the company was more a We’re Sorry You’re Too Easily Offended type of statement.

3rd – Twice sets new 40m YT views record (11 days, 4hours) with Knock Knock.

5th – GOT7 joins the 100 million views club on YouTube with Just Right. Other Korean groups who have crossed that milestone are:

  • 2NE1 – I Am The Best
  • BigBang – Fantasic Baby, Bang Bang Bang, Loser, Bad Boy
  • BLACKPINK – Boombayah
  • BTS – Dope, Fire, Blood Sweat & Tears
  • EXO – Overdose, Growl, Call Me Baby, Monster
  • f(x) – Electric Shock
  • G-Dragon & Taeyang – Good Boy
  • Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – I Got A Boy, Gee, The Boys, Oh!, Mr. Taxi
  • Super Junior – Mr. Simple
  • TWICE – Cheer Up, Like Ooh Ahh, TT

Individual korean artists who have also reached 100 million views include Psy, G-Dragon, HyunA, & Taeyeon

6th – CJ E&M announces KCON Australia will be added to this year’s tour stops. No fixed date yet, but the event will be in September.

6th – Wale goes to Korea to collaborate with BTS’s RapMon (Monstur) for a new track.

7th – TWICE’s TT becomes the fastest group MV to hit 150 million views on YouTube at just 131 days.

8th – SHINee’s Jonghyun stepping down from DJ on Blue Night Radio after 3 years. His reason was SHINee’s busy upcoming schedule, but he did say that he loves being a DJ and hopes to return.

9th – B.A.P.’s new album Rose hits the worldwide iTunes charts.

11th – Kim Heechul (Super Junior) makes us love him even more when he opens up about his sexual orientation and why he’s chosen not to dispel rumors throughout these years even though he is heterosexual.

“But if I deny the rumors too strongly, it could appear very rude to those who are. It’s only a difference in preference, and our values are just different.”

13th – Netizens were in a tizzy over a candid photo showing TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Bam Bam hanging out together. JYP made an official announcement that they were not dating and were just colleagues… and of course threatened to sue anyone who said otherwise (because apparently that’s what large entertainment labels do these days).

14th – f(x)’s Amber shares her frustration over Instagram and fans rally behind her:


21st – Hwayoung (formerly T-ARA) removed from main cast of Age of Youth 2. You know…. likely because of her being a bully.  She will still guest star in an episode of two, but is no longer part of the main cast.

26th – An idiot posted a picture of guns and said they were going to kill a member of BTS at a USA show… again. This time it’s Jimin. Reverse image search shows that the pictures were originally from a French blog, and it is likely just someone trying to stir up as much chaos as possible…. but instead of causing the fear they were likely hoping for- it sparked action. ARMY learned from the past and went on a warpath to track down the poster and to protect BTS.

27th – Time for Produce 101 train wreck round 2 news again. Questions arose as to whether or not the oncoming trainees were *ahem* strongly advised *cough* not to talk to third parties about any controversies regarding the show.


Collab This:

Collabs with America artists seem to be the latest greatest in the KPopping world for 2017.

BTS seems to be the hottest colab contender at the moment. Not only did Rap Monster release his collab with rap artist Wale for the song Change, but on March 23 singer Kehlani gave a shout out to BTS on Twitter hinting at the possibility of another collaboration.

28th – American group DNCE announced they want to  do a collab with G-Dragon on the  show “One Bight of TV Entertainment”. Their female guitarist JinJoo is from South Korea.


Hellos (debuts):

  • 2nd – LIVE (ft. Dean) -Know Me (single)
  • 3rd – Blanc7 – Yeah (mini album)
  • 6th – Lobb – Sonyeongamseong (single album)
  • 8th – NY.LA (feat, Davii) – Can’t Find NO Reason (1st Mini album)
  • 20th – Highlight (formerly BEAST) – Can You Feel It (1st Mini Album)
  • 21st – Pristin – Hi Pristin (Min Album)


  • 2nd – Kevin leaves U-Kiss (announced on Naver)
  • 13th – ZE:A’s Kwanghee leaves for mandatory enlistment.
  • 26th – 2PM announces they will be leaving for enlistment. Taecyeon will be the first to enter mandatory service.
  • T-ARA will also be disbanding. Two members (Boram and Soyeon) will be leaving MBK Entertainment. The remaining 4 have renewed their contracts m but no word on what this means for T-ARA as a band. They will have one final comeback with all 6 members on May 17th.


Fan Stuff (AKA: Important business)

  • 2nd – KNK’s official fan colors will be Rose Gold [that’s not gold. That’s pink. You can call it what you want… it’s still pink.] and Twinkling Silver. This was a gift to Tinkerbells on KNK’s one year anniversary.
  • 2nd – Victon’s official fan color will be Blue Atol and Blazing Yellow representing the sky and sunlight.
  • 7th – Pentagon now has an official name for their fandom… Universe. [I’m a little sad they didn’t go with Pens. “Pens” was just way cute.] Congrats- Pentafam… er… Universe!
  • 13th – JYP reveals TWICE’s the official logo for their fanclub. Combining the fan colors and a lollypop lightstick- ONCE’s


KpG’s Top 5 Underrated Tracks for March:

  1. LambC – Love Like That
  2. Stella Jang – Colors
  3. B.A.P – Wake Me Up
  4. Eyedi – Best Mistake
  5. Basick (ft. Verbal Jint) – Pincocchio

Honorable Mention:

  • Wale & Rap Monster – Change

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