A Look Back – June 2017


(For New KpGers: comment colors are  Kell and Seoul.)


Records, Awards, & Achievements for June:

20th – BTS has now passed Taylor Swift and is in 2nd place for most weeks on Billboard’s Social 50 chart with 29 weeks at #1. […So…sometimes I get this voice in my head that tells me not to do something because everyone will laugh at me and point fingers and I really know better but I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving, it’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright, cause…you worth it, you perfect, deserve it, just work it…all my ladies, put your hands up! *Hands up* Now scream! *Aaaaaaaaa!!* (I should, but I have no regrets.)]

20th – G Dragon also makes a Billboard record, being the only Korean solo artist to be #1 on Billboard’s World Album charts for two weeks in a row. He also came in at #7 on Heatseekers chart this week (he was #1 on Heatseekers chart last week). [Untitled, 2014 gives me all the feels.]

22nd – BlackPink tops iTunes charts at #1 in 18 countries with As If It’s Your Last. This broke their previous record of 14 countries for Whistle[It’s got such a wicked throwback kind of feel to it.]

22nd to 24th – Asian Model Awards Festival. Congrats to:

  • Block B’s U-Kwon and P.O. for Maxim Iconic Idol Award
  • MOMOLAND for New Star Sing Award
  • PENTAGON for New Star Award
  • Tiger JK and Yoon MiRae for Special Award

23rd – MAMAMOO breaks the Wonder Girls’ record on MelOn for the most listeners in 24 hours for a girl group. Wonder Girls’ record for Why So Lonely with 890,000 listeners was set in July 2016. MAMAMOO crashed through that with 940,435 for Yes I Am.

Certified All-Kills

8th – G-Dragon. Untitled, 2014. 14:30KST
14th – Bolbbalagan4. We Loved. 00:30KST
28 – Heize. Don’t Know You. 14:30KST

Perfect All-Kills

12th – G-Dragon. Untitled, 2014. 00:30KST

YouTube Records:


  • 1st – BigBang. BLUE. 100 million.
    • KpG Note: This is BigBang’s 6th MV to pass 100 Million. This puts them in first place with the most MVs over 100 million views.
      • Fantastic Baby
      • Bang Bang Bang
      • Loser
      • Bad Boy
      • Let’s Not Fall In Love
      • BLUE
  • 2nd – BTS’. Save Me. 100 million views on YouTube.
    • KPG Note: This makes the 5th MV from BTS to pass the 100 million mark. This launches BTS past their 3rd place tie with TWICE and EXO of 4 MVs over 100 million; moving them into a 2nd place tie with SNSD.
      • SNSD MVs: I Got A Boy, Gee, The Boys, Mr. Taxi, Oh
      • BTS MVs: Dope, Fire, Blood Sweat and Tears, Boy In Love, Save Me
  • 7th – BTS Not Today. 100 million. Fastest male group to reach 100 million (108 days).
    • KpG Note: This is their 6th MV over 100m. BTS is now tied with BigBang for 1st place for the most MVs over 100m.
  • 22nd –  Black Pink. As If It’s Your Last. 10 Million: 17 hours.
  • 22nd – BigBang. Fantastic Baby. First KPop group to pass 300 million.
  • 23rd – Black Pink. As If It’s Your Last. 24 hour record: (6pm KST) 13.316,290 views.
  • 24th – BlackPink. As If It’s Your Last. 20 Million: 47 hours.
  • 26th – BlackPink. As If It’s Your Last. 30 Million: 4 days, 11 hours.
  • 29th – HyunA. Ice Cream. 100 million. First female solo artist with 2 MVs above 100 million.

(KpG Note: For current YouTube Record stats, see our YouTube Records page.) 


Official Fan Stuff (Srs Bsns):

1st – JYPE opened voting for DAY6 fans official fandom name. The fan club names in the final running are: DayDreamer, Daylight, Holiday, My Day, and Sunday.

2nd – Fantagio announces they are letting fans decide the name for their new group, i-Teen.

2nd – Highlight proudly announced on V Live the new name for their fandom: Light.

12th – NCT stans now have a fandom name + NCTzen (pronounced “N-Citizen”); Tzen for short. It also appears they have a fandom pose. NCT Fandom pose-01

13th – Stellar has added a new member. Im Soyoung will be joining the group with their upcoming comeback.

14th – Bora (formerly SISTAR) shared over Instagram she is signing with Hook Entertainment and will go by the name Yoon Bora.

16th – P101 S2 gives their boy group an official name: Wanna One. The name means “everyone will become one together”.

The final lineup for Wanna One is:

1- Kang Daniel (MMO)
2- Park JiHoon (Maroo)
3- Lee DaeHwi (Brand New Music)
4- Kim JaeHwan (Individual Trainee)
5- Ong SungWoo (Fantagio)
6- Park WooJin (Brand New Music)
7- Lai GuanLin (CUBE)
8- Yoon JiSung (MMO)
9- Hwang MinHyun (Pledis)
10- Bae JinYoung (C9)
11- Ha SungWoon (Arbor & Able)

The Runners Up are:

12- Jung Se Woon (Starship)
13- Kang Dong Ho (Pledis)
14- Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis).

19th – Yoo Hwi Seung (P101 S2) will join N.Flying. Rumor has speculated that N.Flying will have a comeback in July.

23rd – Kangnam (formerly M.I.B) signs with RD Entertainment.

23rd – Dongjun (ZE:A) is leaving Star Empire but will be signing with Gold Moon Entertainment. Dongjun’s contract with Star Empire technically ended in January, and the CEO of Gold Moon was his former manager. We at KpG are glad this move is a happy one. We wish you the best.

24th – YG opens BlackPink’s official Twiter account.

26th – P101’s Jung Dong Soo and Kim Nam Hyung (formerly OFFROAD) are forming a duo to be called AA, and hope to debut in August.

29th – Apink now has an official Instagram.

29th – SM opens an official twitter for Red Velvet.


Events, Important Dates & Crazy Drama:

1st – SF9 and Girls’ Day will attend KCON LA.

1st – Mnet annouces they have changed the rules of MCountdown voting. TWICE and SISTAR were removed from the vote because they ended promotion. Fans of both groups protested and netizens claimed “unfair” and “rigged” since other groups not actively promoting are still on the list. [I know I’m beating a broken drum at this point- but if you make an announcement before changing the rules then people won’t claim it’s rigged. (I wholeheartedly agree. Music shows make me tired.) ]

1st – TOP from BIGBANG tested positive for marijuana while serving mandatory service.

3rd – SNSD moves into a new dorm- giving hope to fans that they won’t disband after their 10th Anniversary Comeback.

3rd – Monsta X announces they will be adding 3 dates in Europe to their Beautiful Tour. Cities will include Paris, Berlin, and Moscow. [See? KPop still remembers that Europe exists as a touring destination.]

3rd – TOP (BigBang) is indicted on charges of marijuana use. He was removed from his military enlistment post with the police and will have to reenlist with the army to serve his mandatory enrollment.


3rd – Seoul DREAM Concert. Lineup: 24K, APRIL, ASTRO, BTOB, B.I.G. BIGFLO, Brave Girls, DIA, EXO, gugudan, Laboum, MAP6, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Oh My Girl, Pristin, Red Velvet, Romeo, Seventeen, Snuper, SONAMOO, Taemin (SHINee), TWICE, VIXX.

4th – Pledis moves to take legal action against people pressing sajaegi (chart manipulation) for SEVENTEEN’s Don’t Wanna Cry win over TWICE’s Signal on Music Bank. [Can we just please stop playing “cheater cheater pumpkin eater” every single time an underdog wins?! (But then where would we get our steady dose of KPop drama? It’s not like crazy KPop fans do ridiculous things every day or somethi—what? They do? Oh…nevermind then.)]

4th – CUBE once again floats the idea of making a 3 member group with former BEAST member Hyunseung. CUBE’s brilliant idea is to call the group… BEAST. [Maybe I should add KPop companies to that list of people that do ridiculous things to create KPop drama. Apparently.]

5th – Gummy’s full studio album release; her 1st new studio album in 9 years. She will begin touring this June. Welcome back, Gummy! [I I yo yo, I I yo yo, Jaejoong looking wicked good. *drool*]

6th – BigBang’s TOP is found unconscious and is hospitalized. [Poor TOP, whatever the story, he was under so much pressure.]

6th – Mwave Music Chart MAMA Vote opens

6th – Korean Memorial Day

9th – TOP regains consciousness and is discharged from ICU.  He will be moved to an undisclosed treatment center. [Away from prying eyes and nosy reporters. Yes please! Let him rest and regroup.]

10th – Astro and NCT 127 join KCON LA lineup.

10th – Bangkok Super Live – EXO-CBX, Red Velvet, Romeo

10th & 11th – Ultra Korea Fest (Seoul)

13th – YGE announces Taeyang will not be having a solo comeback in July.

13th – Times Square Twitter wishes BTS a happy 4th Anniversary and antis go nuts. [This was so amazing though…the Times Square ads, I mean. I showed those pics and vids to all my friends and family. They still think I’m crazy. Whatevs. ]

15th – Korean Music Content Industry Association said they will not count G Dragon’s USB as a physical album since the USB only contains a link for the purchaser to download and no actual music files.

15th – Fans complain that the red dye on G-Dragon’s USB comes off and leaves stains. YG Ent. says that this smearing was intentional and fans were told ahead of time it might get scratched or rub off.


16th – In P101 Drama time… rumors surfaced that Aron from NU’EST didn’t join the show because Mnet rejected him[I wondered about that when I heard that Prince Mak from JJCC also wasn’t participating. He had an SBSPopAsia podcast and he talked briefly about how some members were going to be on P101 and…he…wasn’t. No reason given but I wouldn’t have said much either if Mnet was doing this kind of stuff.]

19th – GAON announces it will not count G-Dragon’s USB as a physical album. Instead it will be counted towards digital and download charts. [I actually think this is fair because that’s what it was, a digital download distributed through a physical medium. Totally agree. And seriously, not sure what YG was thinking when they didn’t bother to ask/notify/whatever with… well, anyone at the RIAK, or the Music & Content Assoc… or GAON… or… anyone.  Just because I can put legos in a pie crust doesn’t mean everyone will automatically accept it as pie. I’d have to sell them on it first.]

20th – T-ara has their 1st win in 5 years on The Show for What’s My Name… and they make us all cry with them.

20th – Kidoh’s USA tour is canceled less than 2 days before the first concert date because apparently NextLevel borked the release and lied to all involved[Such a low blow. Poor Kidoh. I hope he doesn’t let this get him down. His fans will stand by him and they know this isn’t his fault. I completely stand behind Kidoh in this! And he was completely justified in giving receipts. Hope this won’t sour him on touring, and we’ll see him soon!]

20th – Drug Restaurant posted they will have an upcoming European tour this September. The tour will include:

St. Petersburg
Dusseldorf (or Kolin)
+2 more

21st – KCON announces VIXX will join the LA lineup

22nd – KCON NY KLUB KCON (Newark, NJ. USA)

23rd – KCON NY, day 1. Lineup: GFriend, Highlight, KNK, SF9, Zion.T

23rd – SM announces Lay has elected (read: SM made the decision for him) not to participate in EXO’s comeback in July due to his overlapping schedule (read: SM intentionally double booked). [They done him dirty.] 

24th – KCON NY, day 2. Lineup: CNBLUE, NCT 127, TWICE, Up10tion.

24th – SM announces Lay and Red Velvet will also have a comeback in July. [SM’s Intentional overlapping schedule of Lay and EXO confirmed.] [Dirty! Confirmed!]

25th – NCT 127 are the first Korean artists invited to Apple’s new event, Today At Apple, in Brooklyn New York, (Oh look… SM does know how to plan time for interviews and such in America. Also… ummm… Dear NCT Coordi, I’m not sure normals are ready for your… “creativity”. We may want to tone it down a bit when we’re outside of Korea.) [New York might be the only place they WON’T just look like hobos at a flea market.]

25th – Wale hints at a second collab with BTS’s Namjoon and Twitter does… what twitter does. (AKA:  a troll poses as an ARMY and tries to make Wale ragequit… which he kind of does.) [I can’t even imagine how disappointed Namjoon must have been when he found out that this happened. It hurts my heart.]

26th – G Dragon adds Europe to his tour:


29th – TOP’s first court hearing.

30th – KBS evacuates Music Bank due to reports of explosives set to target Apink. Once the police checked the area and turned up nothing they continued as planned.

June 30 – BTS Namjoon gets hurt. Again. This time he injured his tiny toe on his right foot. He will not be participating in choreography for the upcoming concerts in Japan so that it can heal properly. [KpG still strongly recommends full bubble wrap suits for the children]. 

Cheaper than ER bills… Just saying.

30th – WSJN, Seventeen, & Heize join KCON LA Lineup.

30th – Lee Junho (former Seo Taiji & Boys) has been sent to prison for fraud and indecent assault. His sentence is for 1.5 years and 40 hrs of psychological treatment. He will also be on the indecent acts registry for 10 years. He is expected to file an appeal.

30th – SMTM 6 begins.

June 31st – NCT 127 opens their official YouTube channel.



1st – A-JAX’s 5th (2012)
5th – Boys Republic’s 4th (2013)
7th – FT Island’s 10th (2007)
7th – Cross Gene’s 5th (2012)
8th – SS501’s 12th (2005)
9th – Infinite’s 7th (2010)
13th – BTS’s 4th (2013)
18th – MAMAMOO’s 3rd (2014)
23rd – BIGFLO’s 3rd (2014)
24th – Crayon Pop’s 5th (2012)
25th – Playback’s 2nd (2015)
28th – gu9udan’s 1st (2016)
29th – CLON’s 20th (1997)


Hellos (Debuts):

1st – ELRIS – We First (Mini Album:” We First”. Hunus Entertainment)

G-Rayish – Johnny GoGo (Digital Single. Elijah Entertainment)

2nd – Park Hi – Higher (Single Album: “Higher”. H.A.V.E Entertainment)

3rd – S.E.T – Nalari. (Single Album: “The Beginning of Funk”. HOONSTAR)

4th – 1NB – 우울한가 봄 – (Pre-debut single. Trivus Entertainment)

7th – Kim ChungHa – Why Don’t You Know (feat. Nucksal). (Digital Mini Album: “Hands on Me”. M&H Entertainment.)

9th – Ma Eunjin (Playback) – I Understand (Solo debut single. Coridel Entertainment)

12th – Nuplay – Sight (feat. DMeanor). (Digital single. Label Nuplay)

13th – Vermuda – Dream Girl. (Mini Album: “Triangle”. Pacemaker Entertainment.)

16th – Nicky Park – Fly High.  (digital single.)

19th – Trophy Cat & Ed Avila – STAY.(digital single.)

21 – Nick & Sammy – Baby You Love Me. (Single album: “Baby You Love Me”. Loen Entertainment.)

22nd – Two Bis – Lie. (digital single. RIAK)

 Deletis – How Do I Love You So?. (Single Album: “How Do I Love You So?”. Gravity Music Recordings.)

Knave (ft. Double K) – Overdrive. (Single album: “Siigma8”.)

RAIMISU – Oh! Boy. (Single album: “Oh! Boy”. UI Entertainment.)

23 – Beatcoin – On A Rainy Day (feat. Wanny). (single . ATO Entertainment.) 

26th – HNB – I’m Your Light.  (digital single. HF Music Company).

JinSoul (LOONA) – Singing in the Rain. (digital single. Blackberry Creative)

27th – South Club – I Got The Blues. (Mini Album. BUGS.)


4th – SISTAR’s final goodbye stage on Inkigayo. [We weep with you STAR1. (Such a strong goodbye. The medley send-off has a special place in my heart.) ] 

8th – As One release one last song, Goodbye For Now, before taking an extended hiatus after 18 years.

11th – Taecyeon (2PM) hints of enlisting soon stating he will likely enter before the drama he is currently filming, Save Me, airs.

22nd – Yina is leaving RaNia (BP Rania). The former leader’s Instagram announcement was bitter sweet as she said her farewell but stated RaNia was currently working on their first full album. Yina plans to focus on acting. [KpG NOTE: Yina left RaNia once before in 2014, but rejoined the group in 2016.]

22nd – ChoA announces she will be leaving AOA on Instagram. AOA’s 5 year anniversary is in July.

29th – Natty, Eunseo, and Jiwon from “Sixteen” have left JYP Entertainment and will be participating in Mnet’s Idol School.

30th – FNC confirms ChoA is leaving and stated AOA will not disband but “The remaining members of AOA will be meeting their fans through individual activities in various fields.” [Which sounds a lot like the official phrase for non-official disbandment.]


June Top 5(ish) Breakdown

Kell’s Top 5

Seriously y’all don’t know how much it hurts me to pare down this list to only five tracks. (Same! June was such a goooooood month for KMusic!) I went with the songs that can change my mood no matter how many times I listen to them and I never skip them when they come up in rotation. It still hurts me though.

  1. G Dragon – Untitled, 2014
  2. Jongup (BAP) – Try My Luck (sorry it’s a dance practice but that’s the most official non-live version I can find) (Great minds think alike! I cried when I took Daehyun’s Shadow out of my top 5.)
  3. Monsta X – Shine Forever (Bless you! See? I knew you’d put this one here so it freed up a spot for me to put another song.) 
  4. Hyolyn x Kisum – Fruity
  5. Chung Ha – Why Don’t You Know (featuring Nucksal)

Honorable Mentions

  • It hurt me to leave out BoA’s Camo and Gummy’s I I Yo from my primary list. These women know how to remind us why they are queens.
  • There was no way the BTS Festa tracks wouldn’t make it on here somewhere. Rap Monster & V’s 4 O’Clock, the Jin & Jungkook version of Suga’s So Far Away, and Jimin & Jungkook’s cover of We Don’t Talk Anymore Pt. 2 really kicked off a great June for ARMY to celebrate BTS’ 4th anniversary.
  • Arty, a producer and DJ from Russia, collaborated with Eric Nam to release this lovely gem, Idea of You. Unexpected but certainly welcome.

Seoul’s Top 5 Underrated Summer Playlist Tracks:

  1. Summer Driving Windows Down Track: Suran – 1+1=0 (Feat. DEAN)  Actually…. just sign me up for anything she does. I love her voice. I love her lyrics. I love how she refuses to stick to one genre. When she dropped Winter Bird as the follow up to DDang and Paradise Go it was over. I was all in. [I second this wholeheartedly. I LOVE how her voice sounds.]
  2. Hot Summer Date Night Track: (I’m going to cheat- because I just Could. Not. Choose. So this one’s a twofer.) John Park – DND (Do Not Disturb) and Eddy Kim – Heart Pound(Such slick R&B groovin’ on both.)
  3. 100% Saturday Summer Track. Household chores to backyard party- it still fits: Stella Jang – Alright(Stella is always runs perfection between summer and a rainy day, and she does it again with Alright.) [Check out Stella Jang’s other June release About To Cry with Kisum. I swear I totally heard it before I even knew that Ji Soo was in this video series (shhhh…yes I snuck another one in) Hahaha! You’re so sneaky!]
  4. Indie Rock Summer Jelly & Jam Tracks: (Yes. I’m cheating again) Wetter – Romance In A Weird World. Those that know me know my love for Japanese band 8otto (*sniffle*  Miss you guys).  Wetter has that gritty groove 8otto was known for but a fresh spin just their own. The Origin – Beautiful WomanEargasmic. I have no words. This is pure ear art. 
  5. Lazy Sunday Summer Mornings Track: Bolbbalgan4 & 20 years of Age – We Loved. Whomever first thought of this collab deserves a medal and a lifetime supply of ice cream. [This has been a really good June for surprising collabs with amazing results.]

Honorable Mentions

  • S.E.T – Nalari. This gets a mention just because of all the straight up wut. The name of the album is The Beginning of Funk… but it’s not funk. It’s PopHouse… with rap… and the MV is disco dance moves… set outside a saegukish church… and reminiscent of those B level Japanese yakuza films we all not so secretly love.
  • My real Honorable Mention pick is SM Station’s collab: Jang Hin Young and the Barberettes Stranger’s Love. Their harmony is pure butter. [Seriously this song is SO good.]

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