All Hands On Deck: A1st asks KPoppers to help with Boycott

DR Music has done it again.
And that’s not a good thing.

For those who don’t know, DR Music has been plagued with mismanagement issues.
Especially when it comes to RaNia (now rebranded as BP Rania).
And especially especially when it comes to Alex.

No amount of “explanations” will ever make not even dressing her in the same color right.

This time DR Music is excluding Alex by not including her in choreography… again. This is not the first time DR Music’s choreographers had Alex move off stage. And this month’s comeback with Beep Beep Beep is the final straw for A1st.

A1st (BP Rania’s fandom) has asked kpoppers to help participate in their boycott. They’ve asked KPop stans to not watch the new MV, stream their music, or purchase the new album until DR Music treats all of BP Rania’s members equally. If you have the time, please also send a message to the girls to say that you support them, but not how DR Music is treating them.

Some may say that this move is counterproductive, but A1st would rather the group disband than to continue to be stuck in contract with a management company that doesn’t treat them fairly.

KpG12thBlackoutFor this reason, we here at KpG will list their comeback as a black bar on our calendar, and not listen to, review, support, or retweet their new song. We will however keep an eye on A1st’s boycott, and hope and pray for the best outcome for Alexandra and all of BP Rania.

For those who haven’t yet seen the most recent choreographer’s lack of inclusion of Alex, here’s a clip from their busking stage:

Timeline of issues starting with Alex (because going back to the beginning would be too freaking long):

If you’re not familiar with the loooooooong list of mismanagement/drrrrrama issues here’s a brief breakdown.

KpG Note: For the sake of time, we’re only starting from when Alex was added. And even so, we’re pretty sure we missed a few. (Heck, we didn’t even go into all the wardrobe issues of how coordi’s can’t seem to make her clothes match and use excuses like “we couldn’t find anything in her size”.)

wheres alex

3 Nov 2015 — DR Music drops teasers for their upcoming MV and make sure everyone knows they’ll have a new member who is black. They shout it from the mountain tops and tell all the press: “We’re awesome sauce because we’ve got the first black american kpop person.” [Because racism is something kpop never has a problem with.]  In other not so unrelated news; RaNia attempts crowdfunding for their new album. As in the one they will start promoting in 24 hours. Not their next album. The one which they are currently doing a comeback. If ever there was a red fracking flag…

4 Nov 2015 — RaNia’s MV, Demonstrate, drops but it’s missing 2 members (Saem and Hooyi).  Obviously because of the hype, everyone was looking for Alex, But only her voice was in the MV. The MV ends with the logo “RANIA FIVE”, but Alex would make 6. A1st is, understandably, confused and decide that Alex is just a guest and the hype was just a gimmick. DR Music quickly confirms Alexandra Reid as new member of RaNia, and 2 members have officially left. They babble about Alex having visa issues and filming dates, and no one really sees this as writing on the wall.

KpG NTE: RaNia also recently added Seulji and Hyemi. So Alexandra is the 3rd new member. 

11 Nov 2015 — DR Music releases a “modified version” of Demonstrate. This version is supposed to have Alex in it. And it almost does. If 9 seconds counts. #ThereWasAnAttempt

26 May 2016 — 3 members (Di, Xia, & T-ae) leave RaNia and form their own group: Ela8te. These were the last remaining members of the original RaNia group. DR Music vaguely states RaNia’s comeback is being delayed because of a sub-unit (Alex + Hyeme called Hex).

KpG NOTE: Hex did make a song, “No Dab”, but had no promotion. To our knowledge, the song was released only as a track on the 7th mini that dropped more than a year later in August 2017.

raniachina26 June 2016 — RaNia performs in China with several DR Music trainees…. and without Alex. A rumor is started that Alex refused to go because China was celebrating a dog eating festival. In hindsight, It’s more likely DR Music didn’t get her visa paperwork straight.

13 Jul 2016 — Makestar (a Hallyu crowdfunding site) goes vocal that they are canceling Rania’s project and refunding participants due to DR Music’s “irresponsible behavior” (their words) and DR Music’s refusal to contact Makestar.

15 Aug 2016 — Alex is announced as the new leader

22 Dec 2016 — teasers for Black Pearl are revealed and comeback is rumored to now be a 7 member group.

24 Dec 2016 — new members Hyeme and Jieun are revealed. Also members have been renamed and former member Saem has reportedly rejoined the group (she left in 2014 and her name will now be Yina).

28 Dec 2016 — DR Music drops a teaser for RaNia’s new song aaaaaand their name has been changed. They are now BP Rania.

30 Dec 2016 — MV for Start a Fire drops and A1st questions the surprising lack of Alex. Speculations that she was sick during filming are passed around, but….

8 Jan 2017 — Dance practice for Start a Fire is released. Not even 30 seconds into the dance, Alex disappears off camera.  A1st goes nuts and DR Music choreographer claims Alex not being included in the choreography was because she’s a rapper.

Netizens instantly question the WTFery of this statement. So a few days later DR Media tries again.

12 Jan 2017 — DR Media floats “Alex has personal issues” and also tries to pin the blame on fans saying them pressuring Alex part of the group is stressing out all of Rania.

Nope. Still not flying with fans. So 3td time is a charm, right?

17 Jan 2017 — DR Media changes statement to: we want her to be in the choreography just like the fans do, but she;s choosing not to  for personal reasons. So it’s not our fault, right? Right????

29 Jan 2017 — Alex says DR Music and the choreographer are lying.

1 Feb 2017 — Hyeme posts a pic on Instagram  with the tag “Family photo…?”. Netizens instantly notice Alex is absent.

3 Feb 2017 — DR Music attempts to put out the fire by saying: No, no. We love Alex. Alex is a professional. Alex has a great work ethic. Alex is awesome. She and our Choreographer have nooooooooo problems. Thanks for the support and buy our stuff.

10 Feb 2017 — DR Music announces Make Me Ah promos will begin on 14 Feb, and this will be the 1st time Alex (the new leader) will participate in the choreography in it’s entirety.

11 Feb 2017 — Alex hints to be an upcoming contestant on Unpretty Rapstar 4.

KpG NOTE: At the time of the announcement, Mnet hadn’t even confirmed if there would be a 4th season. In fact in June Mnet announced: Nope. Not this year and maybe not ever. We don’t know if Alex’s twitter hint was her own guess, something DR Music promised, or she spoke with Mnet… either way, in hindsight it seems discouraging.

19 Feb 2017 — Netizens wonder if Alex is leaving BP Rania for good since she suddenly went back to the US due to visa issues (read: it was only a 90 day visa rather than a full work visa).

21 Feb 2017 — DR Music announced Alex will be absent from BP Rania’s promotions for Make Me Ah. They claim she has an upcoming acting gig instead (read: Her 90 day passport is about to expire again so they have to send her back to America).

KpG Hint: No actual acting gig has ever been confirmed. 

12 May 2017 — DR Music announces they will be holding auditions in New York on 27 May to add members to Rania and are hoping for 3-4 new members. Meanwhile, BP Rania continues to promote Make Me Ah with just 5 members…. because now Yina is missing.

AprilFoolsAlex2 Apr 2017 — Alex tweets she thinks she might have been kicked out of BP Rania, but she’s not sure. It turns out it was an April Fools prank where a troll created a fake DR Music account, but the fact that Alex considered it a real possibility shows just how wide the chasm of communication between DR Music and Alex is.

8 June 2017 — Yina leaves BP Rania to “focus on acting”.

KpG NOTE: 9 June 2017 — Mnet confirms there won’t be an Upretty Rapstar 4 this year and whether or not there will ever be a 4th season is up for discussion. In the grand scheme of things, this is no biggie. But remember that Alex was reported to be an upcoming contestant. So this just proves the announcement was mere fluff to distract from failure. You know, DR Music’s usual mode.

11 Jul 2017 — DR Music announces BP Rania will have a comeback. They begin dropping teaser pics of band members, but none of Alex.

27 Jul 2017 — A1st pretty much assume Alex is out of the group, She’s still in the US while the rest of the group is preparing for a comeback. DR Music has released zero pics, teasers, or anything Alex related. And to top it off, Alex turns her twitter black with zero explanation.


5 Aug 2017 — Fans discover via a busking stage that Alex is still part of the group… kind of. She has once again been excluded from 95% of the choreo for their new song, Beep Beep Beep.

5 Aug 2017 — A1st has had enough. They call for a boycott on DR Music.

12 Aug 2017 — Beep Beep Beep drops. Let the boycott begin.


For KPoppers who just absolutely haveta/gotta/really, really wanna see the new MV; we ask that you do so in Incognito Mode since this will stop the view from counting.

Solidarity KPoppers! We stand with you A1st.



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