When And Where to Buy KPop Tickets


Good news, everyone.
KPop really does go to Europe.
And just about everywhere else in the world.
Unless you live in Africa. (You poor souls really are the forgotten continent. We’ll have to work on that.)

But finding out when KPop concerts and fanmeets are coming near you; or figuring out where you can buy tickets, can be difficult. Especially for lesser known groups.

You’d think in this glorious age of internetting there would be at least one site that has all of that oh-so-necessary info listed in one place.

But there wasn’t that we could find.

That’s why we here at KPopper’s Guide decided to make a handy dandy page that will be continuously updated list of when and where international KPop concert tickets go on sale across the globe. There will be, at times, tours or fanmeets that we miss. But we’ll strive to do our best. And if you know of a concert that we don’t have listed… as always, just hit us up on Twitter and we’ll add it in.

Regions are divided by tabs into three groups:

  • Europe & Australia
  • The Americas (North & South)
  • South East Asia, Hong Kong, & Taiwan

Japan has not been included in the continuously updated tabs of ticket sale info due to sheer volume (Seriously! Japan is so lucky!), but Japanese shows are listed in the monthly tour calendar displayed at the bottom of this page.

Flip through the tabs at the top to find where you live.

Tour Dates & Ticket Sale Info

Monthly KPop Tour Calendar Overview

Click the tabs at the top top change months.


This page will be updated periodically as new tours and ticket sales are announced.


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