2019 Hiatus, Disbandments, & Goodbyes

This page will be updated as new announcements are made.


1 Jan — Kang Sung Hoon (SECHSKIES, YG Ent.) is leaving SECHSKIES and YG Ent..

11 Jan — Girl’s Day (Dream T Ent.). Sojin is leaving Dream T and all other members are currently looking at other agencies for potential contracts. Disbandment expected as contracts expire although company denies it.

27 Jan — UNB (The Unit Culture Industry Company). Formed from The Unit, temporary contracted has ended. Members return to their original labels.

29 Jan — BLANC7 (Jackpot Ent.). disbandment announced over Instagram. Each member uploaded a personal message for PRISM.


10 Feb — Wassup (Mafia Records). Sports Seoul confirms disbandment. Mafia Records has agreed to terminate the contracts of 3 remaining members early so they may move on.

20 Feb — B.A.P (TS Entertainment). will not be renewing contracts and will disband. Two members left in 2018 (Yongguk in August and Zelo in December) when their contracts expired.

25 Feb — Nine Muses/9MUSES (Star Empire Ent,). Announced 11 Feb — will disband after 24 Feb fanmeet. Final single “REMEMBER” released on 14 Feb.


06 Mar — CocoSori (MOLE Ent.). SoRi posted they have officially disbanded. Upcoming disbandment was first announced by the label on 1 Feb. MOLE stated they will be suing Coco for defamation for claiming MOLE was prioritizing SoRi’s solo debut over her own.

11 Mar — Seungri (YG Ent.) leaves BIGBANG and is retiring from the industry.

12 Mar — Jung Joon Young (MAKEUS Ent.) retires from the industry.

13 Mar — Yong Jun Hyung (Around US Ent.) leaves HIGHLIGHT and retires from the industry.

14 Mar — Choi Jong Hoon (FNC Ent.) leaves FT Island and is retiring from the industry.

19 Mar — Girl’s Day (Dream T Ent.). Sojin announced on Instagram the group is not really disbanded but is now on Hiatus.

26 Mar — Suzy (JYP Ent.) is leaving JYPE. She will be signing with Management SOOP and focusing on acting.

31 Mar — A-JAX (DSP Media) announced their disbandment on fancafe.


23 Apr — Park Yoochun (JYJ, C-JeS Ent.) agency has terminated his contract. Yoochun will retire from entertainment due to testing positive for drugs as well as other recent controversies.

26 Apr — HONYEST (FNC Ent.) officially disbands.

30 Apr — TraxX (SM Ent.) will be leaving agency after 15 years.


May — AOA (FNC Ent.) expected to disband when contracts expire

01 May — SEENROOT (Kakao M [formerly LOEN]) Shin Hyun Hee announced on IG that their contract has expired and she and Kim Root will be going off in different directions.

08 May — Hello Venus (Fantagio Ent.) disbands as contracts expire. Alice and Nara are leaving Fantagio. The other members are still undecided.

10 May — 14U (BGent Ent.) disbands. They were expected to perform at KCON Japan but suddenly cancelled due to “artist circumstances”.  Fans noted these circumstances seem to be members leaving the agency as some members have left the dorms and gone back home.

15 May — EXID (Banana Culture) on hiatus after release. Hani and Jeonghwa are leaving the agency.

17 May — Boyfriend (Starship Ent.) disbandment announced by Starship on twitter with a farewell montage.

20 May — LIPBUBBLE (Zenith Media Contents)  disbandment announced on fancafe.

24 May — PRISTIN (Pledis Ent.) 7 members’ contracts expire (Eunwoo, Kula, Nayoung, Rena, Roa, Xiyeon, Yuha) and they have not renewed. Kyulkung, Seungyeon, and Yehana are still with Pledis at this time.

24 May — Ravi (Jellyfish Ent.) is leaving the agency to establish his own label. Jellyfish says that Ravi will continue to promote with VIXX. 4 other members have agreed to stay. N (Cha Hak Yeon) has not yet come to an agreement with his contract.

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