2019 KPop Debuts

A list by month of KPop debuts for 2019.
This post will be updated as new debuts are announced.

Group Debut
Solo Debut
Solo Debut of a KPop Group Member
Sub Unit & Collaboration Unit Debut
Pre-debut release

·•⊕ Expected In 2019 But Unknown Month ⊕•·

  • Black Mamba — [ONO Entertainment} — 6 member girl group of former Mixnine contestants & Ayoung previously with Happy Face when on P101
  • Challenger — [MOTHER&BASE Ent.] — 5 member boy group. Currently active in Japan. 
  • C9Boyz — [C9 Ent.] — 3-6 member boy group. Current members: Kim Seunghun, Bae Jinyoung, Yoon Hyunsuk, Kim Sehoon. Expected to debut in 2nd half of 2019.
  • D.tion — [SR Ent.] — 4 member boy group. Currently promoting in Japan but will have Korean debut in 2019.
  • Empire Girls (formerly OMZM) — [Star Empire Ent.] — 6 member girl group.
  • FANATICS [FENT] — 6 member girl group. Expected early 2019. Subunit FLAVOR debuted 26 Nov 2018 with “Milkshake”.
  • FAVE Girls/PlayM GIRLS — [Fave Entertainment (a subsidiary of Loen) Play M Ent.] — 7 member girl group. predebut showcase “WE?” 11 Nov 2018. 
  • HEART-V — [Asel Ent.] — boy group. Suppose to debut 30 April 2018. Moved to 16 Sep 2018 but also cancelled.
  • HNB (Happyface Next Boys), possible new name: D1CE) — [Happyface Entertainment] — 5 member boy group including Woo Jin Young (1st place winner of MIXNINE)
  • HOL1DAY — [Brick Word Company] — girl group.
  • I.one — [LPA Ent.] — girl group. Was expected to debut in 2018. Were previously backup dancers for TWEETY.
  • KITEBAND — [MAJESTY Ent.] — boy group. Late 2019
  • K-Tigers Zero — {Stone Music] — Coed group
  • I.one — [LPA Entertainment] — 3 member girl group
  • MY.st — [MY Ent.] — 5 member boy group. Will promote in Japan before Korean debut.
  • OAHSIS (formerly SeeArt) — [KRAZY Entertainment] — group is same as SeeArt (Feb 2017 debut) minus one member Hyedam. They are expected to redebut in 2018 2019.
  • Purple Beck — [Majesty Entertainment} —  5 member girl group
  • Swalla (formerly A-MIX) —  [Monster Company] girl group originally called A-MIX formed under MAKE D. Changed labels in Dec 2018. Expected to debut late 2019.
  • TREASURE13 — [YG Ent.] — boy group from YG Treasure Box survival show. To include Bang Ye Dam. Debut expected May-July 2019.
  • YG Girls —  [YG Entertainment]

·•⊕ January ⊕•·

01 Hwa Jeong My All Eyecontact Company
03 Sejin (WANNA.B) Forget You Zenith Media Contents
04 M.O.N.T (Members of the National Team) Sorry/ Will You Be My Girlfriend Going Up FM Ent.
09 P.L.T. (Platinum) Mad City Mad City In Media A&D
09 OneUs Last Song Light Us RBW Ent.
09 VeriVery Ring Ring Ring Veri-Us Jellyfish Ent.
10 Vinsess Nothing To Do Music Classico
12 Hyuk (VIXX) Boy With A Star Jellyfish Ent.
15 Lee Minhyuk/ Huta (BtoB YA/Tonight (With Melody) Hutazone CUBE Ent.
17 WayV (NCT) Regular The Vision SM Ent./ Label V
18 Yo Dayyoung One Sided Love
21 Cherry Bullet Q&A Let’s Play Cherry Bullet FNC Ent.
24 Roh Tae Hyun (HOTSHOT/ JBJ) I Wanna Know biRTHday Star Crew Ent.
28 COCO Talk Talk Fancy Factory
28 Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT, Wanna One) Don’t Forget (ft. Park Jihoon) My Moment Star Crew Ent.
29 Minseo 2cm (ft. Paul Kim) Diary of Youth (Album completes her 4 part debut project) APOP Ent./ MYSTIC Ent.
30 Oyster Casual Girl Label on Table
30 MustB (Co-ed group) I want u I want u Flexus Music/ MustM Ent.
30 I LUV P-Pay Song WSK ENE
31 AWEEK The More I See The More I See Jang Hap Ent.

January Debut notes:

  • ONEUS –most members were P101 S2 contestants.

·•⊕ February ⊕•·

02 Jiselle Missed Call (ft. Chancellor) Missed Call SM Ent.
07 G MOST Fallin’ TN Ent./Ameba (?)
10 Dal (S.I.S) Sad Love Story XX Ent.
12 ITZY DALLA DALLA IT’z Different JYP Ent.
14 Vanner Better Do Better V VT Ent.
15 Uk/ Jeonguk (24K) #why #dawn Choeun Ent.
15 1ho The Night is Getting Deep In the Night Air Music
18 Nickhun (2PM) Lucky Charm ME JYP Ent.
19 TREI (TRiNTiOUPS) Gravity BORN; 本 Banana Cultre
20 The Pink Lady God Girl OD Ent.
20 Yoon Jisung (Wanna One) In The Rain Aside LM Ent.
22 Zstars (Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS) Zpop Dream Z-POP DREAM Project Zenith Media Contents
22 Yukika (Real Girls Project, MIXNINE_ Neon ESTIMATE
23 Z-GIRLS What You Waiting For Z-POP DREAM Project Zenith Media Contents
23 Z-BOYS No Limit Z-POP DREAM Project Zenith Media Contents
26 OBON Good Time *Independent*
27 Hong Joochan (Golden Child) A Song For Me Woollim Ent.
27 Kang Minkyung (Davichi) Because I Love You Just Me Stone Music Ent.
28 Corbyn M$D (Million Dollar Dream) 28Laboratory
28 Ha Sungwoon (HOTSHOT/ Wanna One) BIRD Star Crew/ YMC Ent.

Expected February debuts but date TBA:

  • HOT! — [AL Ent.]
  • DONGKIZ — [Dongyo Ent.] — boy group. Predebut track “NOM” released 21 Nov 2018

February Debut notes:

  • VANNER [VT Ent.] name is a combination of “victory” and “banner” (to put the flag on top)

·•⊕ March ⊕•·

04 D.A.N Suicide Squad KRAZY Ent.
04 Jang Dongwoo (INFINiTE) News Bye Woollim Ent.
04 TXT CROWN The Dream Chapter: Star Big Hit Ent.
04 Jisook (formerly Rainbow) The Way We Were The Star Dmost Ent.
05 Jus2 (GOT7 duo) Focus on Me FOCUS JYP Ent.
07 Astin Mirror Mirror 1st Album: Mirror Mirror KINGTOP Ent.
09 Midnight Girl Groups’ Flooded Midnight 1st Project H&I Ent.
11 Wooseok (PENTAGON) & Kuanlin I’m a Star 9801 CUBE Ent.
12 Kim Yoonhee Rain Drop Rain Drop
14 The T-Bird ROCK STAR OD Ent.
18 EVERGLOW Bon Bon Chocolat Arrival of EVERGLOW Yue Hua Ent.
21 JK (Girlkind) SPLIT NextLevel
26 PinkFantasy SHY 12 O’Clock 12 O’Clock Mydoll Ent. 
26 Park Jihoon (Wanna One) L.O.V.E O’CLOCK Maroo Ent.
27 1TEAM Vibe Hello! Liveworks Company
27 Ko Seung Hyung Nothing to Do STX LionHeart
30 Sohlhee Purple All I Know Music/ SM Ent.

March Debut notes:

  • Y.E.S — expected March debut
  • I Luv — [JMLine]8 member girl group (debut end of March). Moved to May.
  • 1TEAM [Liveworks Company] was previously known as TEAM LWZ

·•⊕ April ⊕•·

01 Chen (EXO) Beautiful Goodbye April, and a flower SM Ent.
01 Henry Prince Mak (former JJCC) Go Away Emperor Ent. Group
03 Maddox But Maybe KQ Ent.
03 Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST) Universe Pledis
05 Kang Xiwon Click Click TNK Ent.
05 Jung Daehyun (formerly B.A.P) You’re My Chapter2 “27” Stone Music
07 1THE9 (from Under 19) Domino MBK Ent.
08 Girl Crush Memories DAM Ent.
10 BVNDIT Hocus Pocus BVNDIT, Be Ambitious! MNH Ent.
11 Sim Yejun (F.CUZ) Logout TagMusic Artist: Logout
12 PEACE Find Your Peace KRAZY Ent.
15 Kim Seongri (RAINZ) That’s You First, Love C2K Ent
19 I.M (MONSTA X) Horizon *mixtape*  Horizon Starship Ent.
19 Youngjae (former B.A.P) Another Night Fancy *independent label*
23 BabySoul (Lovelyz) A Piece of the Moon Woollim Ent.
24 GROW.B Let It Midum Ent.
24 DONGKIZ Nom DONGKIZ on the Block Dongyo Ent.
24 Kim Heechul (SuJu) Old Movie SM Ent.
25 NEWKIDD Tu eres J-FLO Ent.
27 Bae Jinyoung (former W1, current C9BOYZ) Hard To Say Goodbye C9 Ent.

April debut notes:

  • date TBA — New group from Brand New — moved to May
  • DONGKIZ [Dongyo Ent.] previously released “NOM” 21 November 2018. This re-release is to relaunch their debut.
  • ENOi [KTHEWHALE] stands for “wE caN dO It”
  • 1THE9 [MBK Ent.] was reported to debut on the 12th. Was moved up to the 7th.
  • NEWKIDD [J-FLO Ent] — Predebut release: 30 Nov 2017. Includes Ji Hansol (The Unit). NewKidd means “Newgeneration Key of the Dream”
  • BVNDIT [MNH Ent.]  means “Be Ambitious N Do It”. The name is pronounced like “bandit”.
  • PEACE [KRAZY Ent.] is made of 4 members from the disbanded group BULLDOK.

 ·•⊕ May ⊕•·

02 GROW.B Let It Midum Ent.
09 Xiumin (EXO) You SM Ent.
12 Lim Jimin Loveholic MINI Play M Ent.
13 ONEWE (originally MAS 0094) 1/4 Reminisce about All RBW Ent.
13 Mail/YuJin (formerly The Ark) DM MOT Ent.
15 Bibi Binu Binu Feel Ghood Music
20 Kim Jaehwan (former W1) Begin Again Another SWING Ent.
21 3YE DMT (Do Ma Thang) DMT GH Ent./ Kobalt Music/ 3 Music Rights Societies
22 AB6IX Breathe B:COMPLETE Brand New Music
27 We In The Zone Let’s Get Loud! We In The Zone Choon Ent.
28 OnlyOneOf Savanna … (Dot Point Jump) 8D Creative/RSVP

May Debuts but Date TBA:

  • Treasure 13 [YG Ent] — debut expected between May & July.
  • D1CE [HF Music Company] — 5 member boy group. Final line up announced 12 March. Fan vote decided name. 
  • Jeon Somi [The Black Label] — previously part of I.O.I & Girls Next Door. Was expected May 1st then delayed to end of month. Now postponed to mid June.

May Debut notes:

  • AB6IX stands for “Absolute Six” — Being Korean this means…. it’s a 5 member group. Brand New claims the 6th member is the fandom.

·•⊕ June ⊕•·

3 Ji Jinseok Good Night BLACK Y (Subsidiary of W2B Ent.)
12 Ong Seongwu (W1) Heart Sign SUMMER PART.1 Pepsi KP-Pop Project
12 Yunho (TVXQ) True Colors SM Ent.
13 Jeon Somi (i.o.i) The Black Label
24 Purplebeck Crystal Ball Majesty Ent.

Expected June debuts:

  • date TBA — LabelUp [Yedam Ent] — 8 member girl group
  • date TBA — D1CE [HF Music Company] — 5 member boy group. Final line up announced 12 March. Fan vote decided name. 

·•⊕ July ⊕•·

7 Rendezvous Parksal Co.

07 July — Rendezvous [Parksal Company] — 4 member girl group

·•⊕ August⊕•·

Date TBA — Lalary [ ] — 6 member co-ed group

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