Seungri vs. the World (AKA: A Timeline of Burning Sun events for those of us trying to weed through fanfacts)

KpG Update, 06 April: In the effort to divide this suuuuuper long saga into bite size chunks, we’ll be dividing this timeline into multiple posts. This page will remain Seungri, YGE, and VIP theory focused and moving most molka chat/JJY related things to another post. Please be patient with us as we convert things over. We hope to have this finished this weekend.


At first we weren’t going to cover the whole Burning Sun+Seungri mess because, meh, drama.

But then we ran across this VIP thread:

Which basically casts the whole thing as government conspiracy by the Blue House administration to keep stories that may be unfavorable to Moon off the front pages. (MBC sure. but… but… SBS??! SBS is the ANTI-government channel. They’re the rebel reporters. The “Down with the Man & Power to the People” station. We’ll get there.)

And if there’s anything we love more than music… it’s a juicy deep dive dipped in corruption with a sprinkle of power-to-the-people outrage.

And then kpop blog outlets like Kpopmap began chiming in on the “*gasp* Is it a conspiracy??” which kicked fandoms on all sides into high gear.

We’re not saying the Burning Sun story (or SOPA) is a government special project, but it’s an interesting angle. And certain factions in the kpopping world certainly seem to believe this to be 100% true. There’s no denying the previous administration did exactly this through their henchmen at the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, but is this still the case under Moon’s administration? To come to an actually informed decision we think the best way is to have all the facts laid out in order so we can form our own educated opinion. We’ll mark Government related events in yellow.

KpG Update, 14 March: There appears to be another theory that Seungri and friends became scapegoats to cover up a serial murder case of women from an entertainment label who’d been given date rape drugs and passed off to men of influence. (Sound familiar?) Implicated as involved are a former justice minister, politicians, and various CEOs. It is theorized that similarities in the cases would detract from serial murder case searches if Seungri and other Hallyu artists became the media’s target. We’ll be looking into dates and facts and adding them here on the timeline over the next day or so as we find them. Events for this will be marked in blue on the timeline.

So that means it’s time for another KpG Timeline. But first…

Things to Note Before Diving In:
  • KBS is owned by the South Korean government, and KBS holds stock in MBC. Both KBS & MBC are considered the mouthpieces for the government.
  • SBS is an independent rival of KBS and MBC. SBS is known for investigative reporting on stories other outlets refuses to touch; such as the Sewol Ferry disaster and corruption under former President Park’s administration. They are especially outspoken on corruption within the government.
  • Seungri (Seung Hyun) is an initial investor (owner) and listed as internal director of Burning Sun not CEO. Seungri’s mother, Kang Hyun Sook, is listed on the board as club inspector.
  • Naver’s front page “trending” is curated by staff; not organic. Naver had to admit this in a 2017 parliamentary investigation into media manipulation.
  • Naver owns 9.14% of YG company shares and additional stock in YG subsidiaries such as YG Plus.
  • China owns 13.78% of YG company shares through Beijing Weiying Technology (8.92%) and Tencent (4.86%)
  • YG has been accumulating debt over the past couple years (such as losing 8 billion won on MIXNINE production), and are desperately trying to pull out from under. Company shares were sold to Naver and Tencent in order to pay down growing debt. But that means Naver and Tencent want a return on their investments or they’ll start making things… uncomfortable.  Because of this, YG is dependent on not having their artists devalued in a market where they are continuing to decline against current competition.
  • Jang Ja Yeon (actress whose most prominent role was as Sunny in “Boys Over Flowers”) died in 2009. Her hanging was deemed a suicide, but some believe it was murder. A 7 page document was found in her room naming 31 high level men (CEOs, politicians, a judge) she was forced into sexual relations with by her management company. 10 men on her list were charged. None were convicted.
  • A portion of South Koreans believe that Moon Jae In’s Presidential win was a knee jerk reaction to US President Trump’s completely unpredictable; and at times unhinged, actions. Especially given THADD. Moon had a history of being a NK sympathizer, and the public saw this as useful in both distancing themselves from the US and not antagonizing North Korea or China.
  • Strong handed Blue House actions that South Koreans praised in the removal of former President Park are now seen by a growing number of South Koreans as overbearing and misuse of power. Due to this, Moon’s approval numbers are declining in certain demographics. (Not unlike how US residents celebrated the Patriot Act after 9/11 but now are regretting handing that much power to a President and his Executive Branch.)
  • We here at KpG aren’t choosing a side or claiming anyone to be either victim or guilty. We’re merely laying out events in order for readers (and ourselves) to be better informed when drawing our own conclusions. (And being snarky. Cuz that’s what we do.)

With that said… put on your wetsuit because we’re diving in.


KpG’s Burning Sun Timeline:

26 Jun — Cho Jae Joon is indicted on charge of sexual assault against Jang Ja Yeon based on Yoon’s testimony as a witness. Cho is a former Chosun Ilbo journalist who became a politician in 2008.

29 Jun 2018 — Yoon Ji Oh gives an interview on JTBC’s News Room bringing the tragedy of Jang Ja Yeon back into the public eye. Based on Yoon’s interview the Truth and Reconciliation Prosecution Committee recommended reinvestigation. Jang’s case has been transferred to Seoul Central District. The statute of limitations is set to expire in March 2019.

24 Nov — Bang Jung Oh resigns as  CEO of TV Chosun when daughter is caught in a tirade abusing her chauffeur. Of course, his retirement to the quiet life has absolutely nothing to do with the revival of Jang Ja Yeon’s case and him being named as one of the perpetrators. 

24 Nov — Kim Sang Kyo is assaulted by Burning Sun Director Jang and staff. hyoyeonselca

24 Nov — Hyoyeon (SNSD) uploads a pic of her and Seungri together at Burning Sun. She was there for a promotional performance.

03 Dec — actress, Yoon Ji Oh, testifies at a trial of alleged abuser, Cho Jae Joon. Yoon had witnessed Jang Ja Yeon being sexually abused by Cho. 

04 Dec — A special investigation team reopens Jang Jay Yeon’s case with new evidence that she met with former Justice Minister Kwon Jae In, and Bang Yong Hoon, who at the time was CEO of Hite Jinro (now CEO of Koreana Hotel). Kwon worked as the prosecutor on Jang’s case. Kwon also served as Secretary of Civil Affairs under former President Lee. (ooooboy,)

06 Dec — CEO of Koreana Hotel and younger brother to the president of Chosun Ilbo, Bang Yong Hoon, was questioned by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office from 1:30pm to 4pm as to his involvement with Jang Ja Yeon. Prosecution did confirm Bang met with Jang on at least one occasion.


Kim Tae Woo prepares to speak with Seoul Easter District Prosecutors’ Office [Credit: Jang Jin Young, Korea Joongang Daily]

14 Jan 2019 — The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office fires Blue House employee turned whistleblower Kim Tae Woo claiming “professional misconduct” by leaking classified information to the press. Kim Tae Woo was a special investigator under the president who divulged he was ordered to carry out surveillance of civilians in secret and against constitutional law.

14 Jan — a former employee of Burning Sun leaks pilfered CCTV footage to the internet of what appears to be a woman being molested, beaten, and hauled away by Burning Sun staff. The footage was recorded 1 Dec 2018.


19 Jan — In an emergency meeting the ruling Democratic Party (Moon’s party) decided against prosecuting 2 of it’s own members (Rep. Seo Young Kyo and Rep Sohn Hye Won) for using insider information and personal influence with the court to purchase real estate. The Liberty Korea Party opposed claiming this was prime example of corruption under Moon’s administration.

22 Jan –Former Blue House special inspector turned whistleblower, Kim Tae Woo, accuses Moon’s administration of not just spying on certain citizens illegally but forging expense documents and embezzling funds. Kim claims Moon’s very own Anti-Corruption Secretary (Park HyoungChul) was aware of these activities and purposely overlooked them. (Question: Why is this not the event VIPs are fingering to support their claim that government is using Hallyu to bury stories? No idea. In my opinion, this story is far more damaging to Moon’s administration than the ones we’ve seen VIPs using as examples.)

24 Jan — Former Supreme Court Justice, Yang Sung Tae, has been arrested and jailed for using his position to interfere and throw trials that would have an outcome more favorable to former President Park’s administration. Yang’s arrest is unprecedented making him the first head judiciary to be jailed in Korean history.

27 Jan — Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) accuses the principal of the School of Performing Arts (SOPA) of using students for personal reasons and private gatherings as well as pocketing funds gained from illegal activities. SMOE has requested both the school foundation and law enforcement look into the matter. The school principal denies charges.

28 Jan — MBC “News Desk” airs CCTV footage (from 24 Nov 2018) of a man (Kim Sang Kyo) being beaten outside Burning Sun. Kim claims he was beaten by Burning Sun staff for trying to help the woman and police arrested him unfairly. Kim further claims police refused to question guests or look at CCTV footage that would prove Kim was a victim, refused him medical treatment, was again assaulted by police at two separate stations. Kim had previously accused Seungri over SNS of hiding his involvement in retaliation for his arrest.

28 Jan — Netizens go off the hook and demand a statement from Seungri about the assault scandal. Other knetz point out Naver’s bias (as a shareholder) since Naver has been scrubbing Seungri’s name from searches, taking down articles, & he is nowhere to be found on Naver’s front page.

28 Jan — VIPs speculate KMedia invented the Seungri case to cover up the SOPA scandal.

29 Jan — The daughter of South Korean President, Moon Jae In has left SK and migrated to somewhere in SEA (South East Asia) with her family. Opposition party claims via Liberty Korea Party representative Kwak Sang Do it was because she was oppressed under the current economy. Moon’s administration stated this was untrue. Kwak claimed it was because the current SK education system is failing under Moon & she wanted a better education for her 10 year old son. Moon’s administration responded this was also untrue. Kwak Sang Do claimed he had proof in the form of documents he acquired by tricking the education bureau into thinking he was trying to collect data on how many Korean students were moving abroad. (Kwak’s claims are apparently the second proof of evidence VIPs are using to support their argument that the Blue House is using Seungri to hide bad press. Perhaps something is lost in translation but Kwak’s claims sound like the ramblings of a vengeful man determined to build a smear campaign… and doing so poorly.)

29 Jan — Kim Sang Kyo asks on Instagram anyone who has information or has been victimized with the use of GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, the “date rape drug”) to please report to SBS. He also urged authorities to investigate the club for rape of women and bribery to police.

29 Jan — YGE refuses to give a statement in regards to Seungri claiming “we will not be releasing any official statement whatsoever.”

30 Jan — YGE gives a statement in the form of a public apology after public outcry demands it. (Well, that was a fast turn around.)

30 Jan — Victims uploads evidence of Burning Sun assaults and of staff using date rape drugs on female patrons.

30 Jan — Kwak Sang Do further claims that the reason Moon’s daughter’s family fled the country was because Moon’s son-in-law possibly misappropriated 20 billion won government funds and embezzled 3 billion won for himself. Moon’s administration stated these claims were unfounded and said Kwak was “shameless”. 

30 Jan — KBS reports on drug use in Burning Sun. Employees tell KBS that Seungri knew of the illegal activities in the club.

31 Jan — former ex presidential candidate, Ahn Hee Jung, is tossed in jail for raping his secretary at least 9 times while he was governor. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

31 Jan — Seungri resigns from Burning Sun. KpG Note: The CEOs listed are Lee Moon Ho and Lee Seong Hyeon not Seungri. Seungri is listed as an internal director and corporate promoter. He is also an initial investor in the club.

31 Jan — YGE tries to distance itself from the Burning Sun scandal and claims Seungri’s decision to resign from Burning Sun is in nooooo way related to the controversy but instead because he will be enlisting soon and won’t be able to properly contribute as a board member. (Um, yeah. No one’s buying this explanation. Can I just… Yang Goon – we need to talk. In a time like this you come out and say “He’s stepping down because there appears to be some shady stuff going on and we would like to distance ourselves and cut ties. He apologizes for being ignorant of things that happened under his watch. He will be more diligent in his future endeavors.” THIS is believable. This earns you sympathy. This doesn’t look like you’re running away which makes you look guilty.)

Pic Relevant. It’s YG.

31 Feb — Woman assaulted at Burning Sun that Kim Sang Kyo said he tried to save claims Kim was the one assaulting her. She claims she will be filing a sexual harassment suit against him. (whiplash.jpg)  Police ask Kim eated rape of his secretary. join them again for questioning. Later in the day 2 additional women come forward saying they filed complaints against Kim in December. (December as in after he filed a petition with the Blue House to look into the club and a lawsuit against the police for assaulting him? Yep. Then. Mmkay.)

01 Feb — Netizens form a “Kim Must Pay” lynch mob

01 Feb — Whistleblower Kim Tae Woo sues Moon’s former secretary and 2 head members of Moon’s party for slander and attempting to discredit him.

02 Feb — Dispatch publishes their own exclusive (English translation for the hangul impaired) complete with handy dandy chat records handed over by ex-employees to show how staff lured girls into rooms for VIPs and occasionally recorded their sexual encounters and that they did indeedily-do provide date rape drugs for VIP clientele.

02 Feb — Seungri publishes his own apology and distances himself from club responsibilities saying he was really just a DJ and a promoter but not actually involved. Netizens aren’t having it because he has previously claimed to be intimately involved with club management (re: “I Live Alone” and “My Old Boy”).

03 Feb — Burning Sun President, Han Dong Won, posts his statement saying:

  1. the physical assault did happen and staff was fired
  2. doesn’t admit to GHB
  3. laid out how Burning Sun plans to fix problems (like closing the VIP room, minimize blind spots with more CCTV)

04 Feb — Lee Mun Ho (Burning Sun CEO) releases his own statement in which he apologizes to Seungri & promises to do better, tries to give Seungri an out saying he wasn’t really as involved as they made everyone think he was, claims Seungri only quit because he told Seungri to, & emphasizes the reason he deleted all the things (like his Instagram) was in no way because he was trying to hide but because he wanted to give the Burning Sun issue the serious attention it deserves. (okay. That last point is what makes you look the most guilty. STOP it. There’s no shame in saying “SNS is a cruel and vicious beast. So I ragequit.” That’s something everyone understands. But saying “I swear I’m not hiding anything” is the quickest way to make everyone assume you’re hiding something.)

06 Feb — Trump-Kim Summit date set for 27 & 28 February.

08 Feb — Lee files suit for defamation of character against Kim Sang Kyo and the woman from CCTV.

12 Feb — Moon’s approval rating hits above 50% (50.4%) for the 1st time in 3 months.

13 Feb — it comes to light that a Chinese woman called “Anna” sued Kim Sang Kyo for sexual harassment last year. Anna is then fingered as a drug supplier for Burning Sun. Her day job was “club promoter” for Burning Sun. Seungri denies any association with “Anna”. The internet responds. With pictures. Seungri claims it’s just a fan pic.

14 Feb — news emerges that the joint Koreas celebration of the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement has fizzled. North Korea appears no longer interested in participating and claims preparing for newly announced talks with US President Trump is now their priority. President Moon has been championing this joint celebration for almost a year. He’s sad.

14 Feb — Police raid Burning Sun and the Yeoksam Precinct.

14 Feb — Following the drug trail; Police begin arresting staff club Arena. (Wait. Isn’t that the same club mentioned in the texts shared by SBS reporter on 25 Feb? Yep.)

15 Feb — Police raid Burning Sun and the Police station for the Yeoksam District.

16 Feb — Police have a 14 hour chat with “Anna” about her possible side business (read: drug deals) before requiring a #StayHome project that bans her from leaving South Korea.

17 Feb — Students from Korea’s School of the Performing Arts (SOPA) post a video to YouTube hoping to call attention to the criminal activity going on at their school at the hands of the headmaster and his wife.

17 Feb — Burning Sun announces they are closing down. They begin demolishing immediately and netizens are aghast the police have not put a halt to the demolition as they are likely destroying evidence.


17 Feb — Police broaden the investigation to include other clubs in and connected to Gangnam.

18 Feb — the number of women who are accusing Kim Sang Kyo of assault while at Burning Sun has increased to four. An unnamed woman claims she was drugged not drunk as Kim has claimed due to the company point payment system for liquor. (Ummmm… is the point payment system like how they do in host bars? Because if so… forced prostitution isn’t that hard of a jump.)

20 Feb — Police halt the demolition of Burning Sun in the claim of protecting evidence. Netizens and locals worry this has come too late and once again suggest the police had been paid off.

20 Feb — Police call Burning Sun staff in for an afternoon powwow.

21 Feb — in a spectacular display of Foot In Mouth disease; Representative Sul Hoon blamed Korean millennials anti-communist positions and lack of faith in President Moon because they grew up under the Lee and Park administrations. A sentiment stated previously on 15 Feb by Hong Ihk Pyo in a National assembly debate. Being called what essentially boils down to brainwashed sheep didn’t go over well or in any way boost Moon’s declining approval ratings.

22 Feb — debate resurfaces about whistleblower Kim Tae Woo on whether he was illegally fired as a Blue House special inspector for leaking information that the Moon administration was spying on certain citizens. Moon’s administration claims firing was legal as he has not been granted protected whistleblower status by the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission. The commission claims his status was affirmed. (If I was a government administration with the desire and means to bury bad news, THIS is the story I’d want buried. There is no angle this story can be spun that comes off as a good look, but there are a dozen ways this story can grow legs into nightmare press.)

25 Feb — SBS discloses a series of KakaoTalk chats from 2015 in which Seungri and future Burning Sun investor Mr. Yu (Yuri Holdings) were discussing gathering women to provide services for investors and gangsters. YG; of course, denied the claim following up with the usual angry fist shake of “we gonna sue” that all entertainment labels do. Some VIPs also jumped to All Defense Mode Activated over SNS ignoring the concept that this report was presented to show possible pattern of “business” practice at Club Arena with future partners for Burning Sun & instead clamored it must be a lie because Burning Sun hadn’t opened yet.  (Isn’t SBS the main outlet in SK known for actually fact checking before reporting? Yes. I mean, I get wanting to defend your faves, but there are better ways than just trying to shout down the messenger. Thankfully, I saw a good number of VIPs using well thought out rebuttals and requesting proof because; admittedly, the screencaps did look photoshopped.)

 KpG Note: Yuri Holdings is supposedly a blend of Mr. Yu’s name and the last syllable of Seungri.

25 Feb — French artist Bernard Faucon suddenly renews his claim that BTS got their ideas from his art. He previously filed his complaint to Big Hit in August and October of 2018. Big Hit denied his claims then and it was assumed the issue was dropped. Meanwhile the internet has a laugh since the plagiarism he is claiming is over BTS using a white tablecloth outdoors in Blood Sweat Tears and a night time campfire scene for Young Forever. (Can we just take a moment to point out “Faucon” in French is pronounced “fake cunt”?! Bwahahahahaha. Yes. Yes we can.)

25 Feb — Turns out Faucon got the idea of BTS possibly plagiarizing him from his good friends and art duo Pierre et Gilles… who has painted works of YG artists for YG and has collabed on limited edition signed pieces with BigBang’s TOP. Conspiracy kpop twitter implodes.

25 Feb — BigHit says  Nope. Not plagiarism.” and the internet agrees. Bernard (you mean Mr. Fake Cunt. 😉 . Pfft, Yes. Yes I do.) backtracks and claims he has no intention to sue, he just wants BTS to recognize his influence. At the same time he doubles down on how important he must be as an artist and claims he’s gonna hold a press conference about this… in April. Because certainly no one will ever see this as a straight up media play for attention if you hold a presser about a current news item 2 months later. (BTS frequently gives nods to artistic works in their MVs. *see below*. So why is this one different? Other than the obvious which is the similarities are coincidental at best? Why was BigHit so quick to denounce the connection when BigHit traditionally takes ages to respond or more often never responds at all? Perhaps because Faucon is recognized as a pro-pedophilia artist. He’s also contributed to books like Fous d’enfance – who is afraid of pedophiles?  and Back To Childhood. The Infinite. The Pedophile Question. This brings up a whole new question. IF YG was behind Faucon making claims, how & why did they choose this artist? Did they know?  Oh certainly not! Dear Yang MinSuk, Please keep him and all his friends away from all YG’s artists. Especially the sweet baby angels of Treasure13. No more signed collabs for favors please and thank you.)

26 Feb — Blue House pardons 4378 convicted. 107 of the pardoned are protesters. None of the pardoned were former political officials. Opposition raises question what is the point of having laws and courts if pardons will just wipe the slate clean. (This is one of the events VIPs are using to claim government setting up YG to block news, but this one seems like the weakest of their claims to me. Releasing people from prison; especially people imprisoned for protesting violation of civil rights, isn’t scandalous. It’s more likely this was intentional political theater to help regain trust of the people after all the bad press surrounding the whistleblower case.  Therefore, the Blue House would want this story to be given priority coverage not covered up.)

26 Feb — Blue House announces they’re hopeful the Korean War might finally end with the Trump-Kim Summit in Vietnam.

26 Feb — Dispatch reports G-Dragon hasn’t been top of his class and he hasn’t ranked up yet.

26 Feb — Seoul Police Department announces they are “launching an investigation” into SBS’s previous exposé on pimpage.

26 Feb — rumors circulate that i.o.i is getting back together, started by an “exclusive” from TenAsia. Netizens dismiss it completely & immediately assume it’s a fake story planted by YG to divert attention away from BigBang drama of GD’s conscription issues and Seungri’s case.

26 Feb — Park Han Byul’s husband (Yoo In Suk/David Yoo) is revealed to be the Mr. Yu of Yuri Holdings from SBS’s article. Her agency released a statement on her behalf distancing herself from Seungri and attempts to say her husband was just a pseudo silent partner in Burning Man so please leave them alone.

26 Feb — Kang Kyung Yun, SBS journalist (who frankly is deserving of Knighthood for all the investigative journalism she’s reported on behalf of assault victims like Goo Hara’s casedoubles down on the validity of her report and claims the only not completely truthful part was how she watered down the exchange to make it more palatable to the public. And yes, she’d love to answer questions the police may have.

26 Feb — YGE officially announces Seungri will happily cooperate with the police, is delighted to submit for drug testing, and of course he should accept punishment if it is found he has done wrong. And by the way wE’RE GONNA SUE EVERYONE IF HE SOMEHOW WALKS AWAY FROM THIS. (Ugh. Why do all labels do this?! Maybe there’s some Korean law that requires you to announce potential lawsuits as a threat in a press release. It just comes off like the evil mother figure kdrama style trying to threaten everyone away from her son. You mean not really a deterrent but it makes you hate her more? Yeah, that.)

happyballoon26 Feb — Round 2 of Seungri’s 19 Feb 2017 happy balloon party time (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) in Vietnam hits the net. YG once again denies Seungri partaking and it’s just the angle in the picture making it seem that way… even though laughing gas wasn’t illegal until July 2017.

26 Feb — YG stock took a nosedive dropping 7.79% by the close of business.

27 Feb — reporters discover YG destroying documents via a service at dawn & allegations of them destroying evidence abounds. The service began working at 6am despite their service hours usually beginning at 9am. YG claims this is a standard monthly and quarterly practice and they did nothing unusual. Reporters and locals rebut as the service workers had to ask directions to YGs building which is odd if this is routine. (Also… reporters on the scene claimed it was around 4 tons of disposal in just the 1st 2 hours and they had to come back with another disposal truck. What kind of paperwork are you generating that you have over 4 TONS of WASTE in just a month? Or even a few months? Getting rid of computers is even more suspicious. Is YGE going to claim they do this regularly too? For a company that is financially treading water, repurposing would be a better choice. Unless you are afraid of what’s on your harddrive. I’m not saying YGE is breaking any laws, but they certainly aren’t helping their case to not appear sketchy.)

27 Feb — Lee Mun Ho (CEO of Burning Sun) admits transferring money for police bribes. Lee has also tested positive for drugs. The police have raided his home on allegations of drug trafficking.  (Apparently, Lee is also a “known member of an organized crime syndicate”. Well, isn’t that lovely.

27 Feb — US President Trump ends the summit early and leaves Hanoi without a deal.

27 Feb — YGE makes an official statement denying Seungri’s involvement in pimping, claiming they asked him and he said it wasn’t true.

27 Feb — 9pm. Seungri joins the police for a little chat about what is and isn’t appropriate to provide as services to foreign investors. The little chat lasts 8.5 hours.

28 Feb — YGE clears Seungri’s schedule and cancels all upcoming events.

goodnews28 Feb — Seungri’s drug test comes back clean & YG plays this like it’s the linchpin to the Innocent Project.  (Is anyone surprised? I mean, he’s being accused of dealing not doping. And he’s a business guy. Every good businessman knows you don’t eat your profits. Exactly!)

28 Feb — prosecutors prepares to summon current and former Blue House cabinet and staff of President Moon about the illegal surveillance of private citizens(Again: THIS is the story I would want buried if I was being a shady government official. But the Seungri news today and for the next few days is pretty light and actually works in Seungri’s favor.)

30 Feb — Former Burning Sun employee tells KBS that 2 weeks prior to the MBC report on 28 January Seungri made jokes in the club about Kim’s assault by BS staff. So; according to the employee, he did know.

1 Mar — Yeongkyun (Be.A) offers Seungri some… erm… advice on his advice.

Whatcha doin’ LM?!

3 Mar — Proving Seungri has currently been demonized to the ultimate scapegoat in the eyes of the Korean public: LM Entertainment claims it’s all Seungri’s fault in their dispute with Kang Daniel’s contractP.S. Note: apparently a key part of the dispute is over LM not giving Daniel access to his own SNS. So he opened his own.

4 Mar — Yang Hyun Suk (YGE CEO) again claims they didn’t destroy evidence related to Seungri by saying this was routine to be done every 3 months (once per quarter) and they notified employees 10 days prior (18 Feb) as is their standard practice. (But the story broke in late January. How does saying they penciled in Document Destruction Day mid February help anything? *shrugs* I guess what I want to say is: now would’ve been the best time to just cancel that scheduled shredding. If there’s nothing to hide then it can wait a month.)

4 Mar  — Seoul Police department leaks to press they don’t have any proof of original KTalk messages and furthermore someone told them no such thing exists. SBS responds they turned evidence over to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead as they believed police may be compromised. The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission said they did have the evidence and would turn it over to the police when they finished with it. The police then begrudgingly admitted they learned the ACCRC had the evidence on 1 March and were waiting for it to be delivered… which makes the whole press leak thing seem highly suspect. (Moves like this are not the way to go if you want to prove to the public you aren’t on the take.)

4 Mar — It seems Lee Mun Ho, CEO of Burning Sun, gave police a 20 million won bribe last year through ex-policeman Kang to make their problems with minors go away. Former police officer Kang who acted as broker between police and Burning Sun has interjected himself in current investigations which Seoul Metropolitan Police are now looking into.

KpG Note: It appears former policeman Kang is partial owner of a cosmetic company that held a promotional event at Burning Sun. It is claimed that minors were given entry to the club during his event. The investigation was closed by the local police due to lack of evidence but it was later discovered 2 policemen assigned to the case were paid by Kang shortly after the report was filed.

4 Mar — Netizens worry about Oh Hyuk Jin, the reporter who initially broke the political  and police corruption in the Burning Sun story, who has left cryptic messages on SNS. Oh attempted to console supporters by stating “Don’t worry, there won’t be any staged suicides or murder that will happen to me.” leading many to believe he’s been threatened. (Not an unreasonable assumption given BS’s ties to organized crime). Noh Seung Il, former director of K Sports Foundation and reporter who broke the Choi Soon Sil corruption story, is now assisting Oh. Oh stated about the BS scandal “the deeper I dig, the dirtier the truth”. He also said:

“As you know, Seung Il and I are mad dogs. I don’t know what kind of danger and threats will come our way, but let’s keep going.” — Oh Hyuk Jin

4 Mar — G-Dragon has been denied his request for re-evaluation for military fitness and will have to continue his enlistment. He has; however, been promoted to corporal.

4 Mar — MBC’s “PD Notebook” does a dive into the suicide of Lee Mi Ran, wife of Koreana Hotel CEO Bang Yong Hoon. Bang was implicated in Jang Ja Yeon’s case in December 2018).

  • Lee ended her life on 2 September 2016 by jumping off Hangang Bridge
  • In June 2017 her children spoke up about the abuse she received at the hands of Bang. They claim that as well as physical abuse she was confined in the basement for at least 4 months.
  • The confinement was verified by a former housekeeper who also disclosed her conditions included borderline starvation.
  • Lee wanted a divorce but no lawyer would take the case, fearing Bang would end their careers.
  • In a letter left to her brother she stated “If I fail my attempt and survive, am more afraid of of what cruel treatment my husband they call Bang Yong Goon will do to me from behind than my determination to die.” she also stated “who can win [against] Chosun” referring to Chosun Ilbo the CEO of which is her husband’s brother.
  • Police concluded there was a possibility she had been abused but there was insufficient evidence to prove confinement (read: no charges filed).
  • The police and prosecutors investigating Mi Ran’s abuse chose to ignore CCTV footage showing Bang attempting to break into his sister-in-law’s home while holding weapons. Police chose instead to rely on statements made by Bang himself. His charges were dropped.

5 Mar — In a moment where conspiracy theories collide, the South Korean Prime Minister, Lee Nak Yeon, commented on the Burning Sun issue before the National Assembly.

“An Assault case in a club in Gangnam-Gu is now uncovering allegations of drug distribution, sexual assault, corruption between the police and its owners. I wish that the police take this as an insult to its own honor, and that they go through a thorough investigation to the full extent of the law. I hope that the investigators will keep in mind what will happen if the suspicions of illegal activities do not fully get resolved as they carry on the investigations.”   — Lee Nak Yeon, South Korean Prime Minister.  (thanks to u/jamesdakrn for the translation)

6 Mar — Former President Lee is released on bail & placed on house arrest after almost a year in prison. Bail was set at 1 billion won. Former President Park remains in detention.

6 Mar — A club in Hongdae (“Love Signal”) owned by YGE CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, is suspected of tax evasion. They are registered as a restaurant for a lower tax bracket instead of a club. (Guess we now know what YG was shredding.) The club was originally thought to be owned by Seungri because previously the property had been listed as “CLUB X” under his name. The title was later transferred to Yang Hyun Suk and his brother Yang Min Seok, and the name was changed to “Love Signal”.

6 Mar — Love Signal shutters SNS (Again; not helping you look not sketchy.)lovesignalshh


6 Mar — Police have a 10 hour bonding session with Burning Sun co-president, Lee Mun Ho over his involvement with drug distribution and bribery (payment to Kang). It appears Lee has tested positive for drug use. Lee refused to speak with media when leaving the Seoul police department after his interrogation.  Kang; however, didn’t mind speaking with reporters and he told them he gave up names and info of another case of police corruption + Burning Sun but still denies personal involvement. (DUDE! People involved are part of the MAFIA! Pretty sure they take snitches get stitches quite seriously. You don’t just hold a press con to announce you’re a canary for every journalist to put front page boldface if you like having all your organs.)

7 Mar — In a completely unexpected turn of events… according to JTBC, Kim Sang Kyo was telling the truth. At least as far as being assaulted by Burning Sun staff and the police disregarding his requests to check CCTV footage. It also seems 3 of the women who accused Kim of assault have connections to Burning Sun staff. Which, of course, leads to quite a few assumptions of sketchy motive. On the flip side, some netizens point to the CCTV footage of Kim being a little creepy and following a girl. And then there’s the JTBC “expert” who ticks everyone off by blaming the girl.

deleteallthings - Edited (2)7 Mar — for some unknown reason; all the reports claiming Kim Sang Kyo’s innocence suddenly disappear from the internets. With zero explanation. (Whatcha doin’ Naver & JTBC?! Now is not the time for magic tricks and creative media moves.)

7 Mar — YGE CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, is suspected of tax evasion with at least 5 other clubs: Moon Night, NB1 (Noise Basement), NB2, Gabbia, & Samgeori Byulbam. Yang Hyun Suk owns the buildings that house the clubs as well as is 70% owner of the management company that invested in the establishments.

8 Mar — MBC reports they have reason to believe Seungri’s involvement in Burning Sun is more than he claimed in his official apology (2 Feb). MBC posts documents showing Seungri is listed as both having more board positions and is more heavily invested on a financial level than was initially disclosed which means…. yep. You guessed it: tax evasion + investigation.

8 Mar — Korean women protest South Korea’s rape culture in clubs by taking to SNS with a “Burning Warning” and by marching from Club Arena to Burning Sun.

10 Mar — Seungri and at least 3 others are booked as suspects.

11 Mar — Former SK President Chun Doo Hwan finally attends trial to defend himself in a libel case for his false accounts of the Gwangju Massacre. He has refused to show up at all previous hearings due to various health reasons  (even though it didn’t stop him from playing golf) including Alzheimers. Gwangju District court issued an arrest warrant last week when he was again refusing to appear. 

11 Mar — Oh Hyuk Jin posts to Instagram to clarify. He is not investigating the Seungri. He is investigating the chaebols and political corruption behind the clubs and illegal trade in Gangnam.


11 Mar — SBS confirms multiple Hallyu stars were involved in Seungri’s KKtalk chat for escort services. Police are currently investigating.

11 Mar — Police elevated Seungri’s status to suspect. They also confiscated his passport and ban .him from leaving the country.

11 Mar — In today’s episode of worlds dumbest criminals: Police confirm celebrity chat logs were obtained when a chatroom member sent his phone out for repair and didn’t clear his logs first.

11 Mar — SBS funE reporter, Kang Kyung Yun, discloses 2 male artists shared at least 10 incidents (pictures and video) involving 8 victims in the chat from Burning Sun. The women involved appeared to be incoherent. SBS also drops the bomb on the evening news that:

  • Jung Joon Young (currently lead singer for Drug Restaurant formerly known as JJY Band) was running a little home movie club for the Burning Sun chats. (I’ve wondered about the explanation behind the name “Drug Restaurant”. I guess now we know. And their lyrics seem to have a disturbingly autobiographical quality. Like “403”. Dangit! I loved that song!)
    • KpG Note: JJY had another little home movie project going on back in 2016 that caught the attention of the police, but the case was dropped since no one could prove if the star (his ex-girlfriend) was filmed with or without her consent. 
  • A Mr. Yong was named which netizens surmised to be Yong Junhyung from Highlight. Around Us Entertainment immediately posted a statement saying: No! Not no-how. Not nowhere. You want logs? We’ll give you logs!
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) has also been named as participating. FNC denies & of course; in accordance with KPop label business practice 101, threatens to sue.

11 Mar — the Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Commission sent their evidence to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office instead of the police. This is seen by netizens as proof the police can not be trusted.

KNetz in a nutshell.

11 Mar — Sehun (EXO) posts an ill timed cryptic message stating “Time will solve it. There will be happiness.” Apparently Sehun forgot that KNetz will jump to the most drama inducing conclusion in all things… which meant his comment was automatically seen as support for Seungri ergo support for raping girls in kpopland. (Apparently KNetz “proof” = he used a peace sign. Which of course wasn’t a peace sign but a supar secret coded “V” since Seungri is also called “victory”. Nope. Not kidding.)  It’s far more likely that this had to do with a nasty fanwar on Weibo. Especially since he also posted to Weibo about missing EXO-Ls around the same time… and wITH THE EXACT SAME PICTURE.


12 Mar — SM; in a bold display of their complete inability to read the room, releases a statement of We’ll Sue False Rumors with zero details to the issue they are referring or any hint of clarity.  (I’m guessing that’s a standardized form at this point complete with “insert artist name here”.) Of course, this only causes even more speculation and rumors abound. KNetz now expand their accusations about Sehun to include all of EXO and kpoppers assume linkage to JJY’s chat.

12 Mar — Yoon Ji Oh gave her witness interview for Jang Ja Yeon’s case at the Supreme Prosecutors Office. To the press she said “Each time Jang’s case comes up it is overlooked, but please pay more attention to it.”

12 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrives home to Korea to find the police have provided him with a welcoming committee and a free ride to the station. His little home movie club has earned him being booked as a suspect and denied the freedom to leave the country.

  • Jung Joon Young admits he is guilty,
  • JJYcompareNetizens compare the media attention between Jung Joon Young and Yoon Ji Oh (or rather the lack of attention for Jang Ja Yeon’s case). Netizens speculate that Jung Joon Young (AKA: JJY) is another attempt to cover searches for Jang Ja Yeon’s (also JJY) as the statute of limitations for her case is drawing near. (I noticed there’s a Mr. Yoo in both cases as well)

12 Mar — Netizens open an official petition to the Blue House for an extension on Jang Ja Yeon’s case.

13 Mar — Theory hits PANN for the 2nd time (the first was taken down) that speculates the deaths of 4 actresses from the same company were murdered after being used as part of a sex ring by their agency. The actresses are Jang Ja Yeon, Choi Jinsil, U:Nee, & Jung Dabin.

13 Mar — Yoon Ji Oh post on Instagram that she is being being housed by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and not to worry for her life. She vows to continue to testify on behalf of Jang Ja Yeon and try for justice.

13 Mar — Journalist Kim Yong Ho shares with the world that Naver’s 100 billion won investment in YG may be due to the fact that Naver Chairman Lee Hae Jin has a son signed to YG. The son, Lee Seung Joo (stage names “DJ Boid” & “Cawlr”) apparently also works as a DJ under YG’s Black Label… which is run by Seungri. And a collective “Ooooooh. That’s why.” echoed across the netisphere.

13 Mar — Park Bom’s new label (previously she was signed to YGE), D-Nation, felt obligated to address her past “drug” scandal for bringing her USA prescribed Adderall into South Korea where Adderall is illegal. Her new label gave a well worded explanation saying no one should be demonized for following a doctor’s treatment path just because rules are different in different countries. They also made it clear she was absolutely diagnosed with ADHD and continues to work with Korean doctors on a management plan that includes drugs similar to Adderall but are on SK’s approved list. (Good for Bom for finally having a label that has her back! #StreamSpring)

Congratulations, Bom! Corn for you ❤

13 Mar — It appears LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Cristian Dior…), a sponsor and investor in YGE, may be looking at an early buyout of their contract and severing ties.

“If the share price does not rebound by October 2019, which is the deadline for payment, the separation between YG Ent and LVMH will become a matter of fact.” — The Bell

13 Mar — On today’s edition of Bros Being Idiots: chatlogs between Kim & Seungri reveal them discussing how the police chief will take care of things for them (note: “Chief” could also mean Commissioner or Public Prosecutor since words are similar in hangul). Police Commissioner General vows to discover and prosecute anyone guilty to the fullest regardless of rank.

  • Update: 13 Mar — Former police Commissioner General Kang Shin Myung and current Commissioner General Min Gao Ryong both deny being the “chief” in the chats.
  • Update: 14 Mar — former Commissioner for Seoul Metro Police, Lee Sang Won, denies speculation that he is the “chief” in the Jung Joong Young & Seungri chats.

13 Mar — Police confirm they have proof of Seungri colluding with the Chief of Police. Pandora’s box has opened and police + hallyu = corruption cases just keep crawling out:

  • A Seongong policeman in charge of JJY’s 2016 case (read: hidden camera involving his ex-girlfriend) tried to get digital forensics to lose the phone. Digital forensics denied his request so the policeman closed the case.
  • Turns out JJY was accused of illegally filming in 2018 as well but that case was also dropped.
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) requested police hide his drunk driving. FNC admits to Choi’s drunk driving but denies police payout. but SBS releases group chat discussion on payments for the cover up.
Well said, Netizen.

13 Mar — Police lock down the phone repair shop that discovered the KKtalk convos and send in their digital forensic team to help recover any additional pertinent information.

13 — YGE threatens to sue malicious rumors about a “female artist”. (Apparently it’s too much effort now to name each artist individually.) YGE also confirms Seungri’s contract has been terminated.

14 Mar — police investigation involving Seungri begins. After his chat concluded, he stated to the press he is planning to ask Military Manpower to delay his enlistment so that he can fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation. He also handed over his phone to the police.

14 Mar — David Yoo (Yoo In Seok) was also expected to participate in a private investigation with the police today. However, his lawyer told everyone that he would only cooperate if no one took pictures of him(Huh. Imagine that. Sometimes people don’t want to have their picture taken and spread around to lots of people.)

We’ll just leave these here:

14 Mar — Police are now offering protection for Yoon Ji Oh

14 Mar — Sisa Journal discloses messages showing Seungri engaged in escort service activities and gambling overseas. Most of us would consider a day of gambling to be a nonissue, but because of South Korea’s morality laws + the Territorial Principle, anything illegal in Korea is still illegal for native Koreans abroad.

14 Mar — Updates on the accused:

  • Yong JunHyung (Highlight) — JunHyung is leaving Highlight. He states he was not part of the group chat but admits he did receive a video from JJY and didn’t report it.
  • Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) — requested escort services and to have shared his own hidden camera footage
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) — on top of the drunk driving + bribery, it seems he shared illegal and nonconsensual images of women and rated the women with his friends. FNC has decided he will be leave FT Island and retire from the industry.

14 Mar — Dispatch reports that Burning Sun/Club Arena management is looking into opening another club in Gangnam. It’s from Dispatch, so take it with a grain of salt, but if it’s true… how?!

14 Mar — Lee Jae Jin (former Sechskies member and brother in law to YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk) was previously involved with Yang Hyun Suk’s club “Love Signal” and is  being investigated in tax evasion.

14 Mar — Top comments on Naver articles relating to Seungri and Jang Joon Young urge reporters and public to focus on Jang Ja Yeon case and the work done by Oh Hyuk Jin who has continued to investigate the corruption in Gangnam. Some netizens freak because they believe has gone missing since his Instagram account has been set to private (oooor maybe he just changed his IG to private). 

15 Mar — KBS reports the first chat logs between JJY and David Yoo go back to 25 December 2015.

15 Mar — According to MBC the updated chatlog list includes:

  • Jung Joon Young (Drug Restaurant)
  • Seungri (BigBang)
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island)
  • Yoo In Suk (AKA: David Yoo) — CEO of Yuri Holdings — note: according to SBS, David was the main person working with police to make problems disappear. His role was apparently to be the “problem solver”.
  • Mr. Kim — employee of Burning Sun who was in charge of the club’s cameras. Also reported to have been a BS managing director.
  • a relative of a girl group member (referred to as Mr. A)
  • a former YGE employee (referred to as Mr. B)
  • “friend” of JJY — apparently appeared on a variety show with JJY (referred to as Mr. C)
    • *one of the unknown has the last name of Park

18 Mar — SK President Moon Jae In orders complete investigations into Jang Ja Yeon‘s case, Burning Sun & other Gangnam club corruption, and former Vice Minister of Justice Kim Hak Eui’s abuse of power. Netizens consider this a massive win for Jang Ja Yeon since it appears the deadline for investigation will be removed and the corrupt can no longer just hide until the end of March and then be free.

  • Police book 40 people for drug distribution at Burning Sun.
  • Seungri is offered a third special invitation to the Police department. This time for his thoughts on the Just Say No campaign now that there are claims of witness testimony that he didn’t say no properly.

*Since Jang Ja Yeon’s investigation has support from the Blue House, & global media attention, we feel her assaulters can no longer use Burning Sun as a cover to hide. From here on out we will continue to track her case in a separate timeline.*

19 Mar — Burning Sun stories of the day:

  • Former officer Kang’s bribery evidence and testimony from the mother of the underage victim has been turned over to the prosecution.
  • Judge rejects granting an arrest warrant for Burning Sun CEO, Lee Moon Ho, and netizens cry foul.
  • “Anna” popped positive for multiple drugs including ecstasy, opium, ketamine, marijuana, and meth.

19 Mar — Seungri denies allegations of gambling and prostitution by saying he was “bluffing” to seem cool to his friends. (Ummmmyeaaahhhh, No.)

19 Mar — Military denies T.O.P is getting special treatment and shows his leave met the requirements. Meanwhile, the military has officially postponed Seungri’s enlistment due to the ongoing investigation.

20 Mar — National Tax Service launch a full scale investigation into YGE sending nearly 100 investigators to YGE’s office.

20 Mar — SBS’s “8 O’Clock News” poke holes in the testimony & apology of Yoo In Suk (David Yoo) of Yuri Holdings regarding Burning Sun.

21 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrested and to be kept in detention & Choi Jong Hoon booked for bribing police in relation to his drunk driving.

21 Mar — Seungri booked for violation of Food Sanitation Act for Monkey Museum… which actually translates to registering the club as a restaurant. [read: tax evasion].

  • For anyone keeping score: this is Seungri’s 4th visit to the police station since February.
  • Seungri admits to knowing about tax evasion at Monkey Museum. He claims he was just doing what all the other businesses on his street were doing. The club will pay a 40 million won fine ($35,420 US). Meanwhile his lawyer, Son Byung Ho, addresses the allegations from MBN’s “News 8” that they have testimony Seungri used cocaine and engaged in prostitution mediation in the Philippines during his birthday party. Seungri’s lawyer denies everything saying the informants are malicious and texts have been unfairly twisted.

21 Mar — MBC ‘Newsdesk’ reports that YGE is under suspicion of even more tax evasion, this time for underreporting profits from overseas, abnormal stock transactions, and paper companies for foreign investors. (Holy cow! It’s been less than A DAY since the last breaking story of YG people= tax evasion [Monkey Museum]. I now declare this a drinking game. Every time anyone associated with YGE is accused of tax evasion we all have to take a drink. Hahaha. Done.) 

22 Mar — Despite the fact that almost every aspect of YGE’s business practices are under investigation for fraud, nothing changes at YGE as the board decided to keep all members including Yang Hun Suk’s brother Yang Min Suk as CEO.

22 Mar — SHAUN (The KOXX) denies being linked to Burning Sun and tax evasion through Club MU:IN. His agency (DCTOM) stated MU:IN is properly registered as a performance venue for DJs and restaurant but not as a club since the venue is too small. They further stated the represent him as a DJ but he has no other involvement in the venue’s business. (Not YGE. So far our beverages are safe.)

23 Mar — Kim Lim (Singaporean socialite) denies involvement with Seungri’s escort service. It’s worth noting this is the 2nd interview where Seungri and lawyer outed her as a “client”. (Is it just me or did his “I’ve received a lot of help from her so I just want to look out for her” sound like a not so veiled mob style threat? I mean, if you really want to “look out for her” why would you bring up her name at all? Not just you.

sorrysorry24 Mar — SBS does some major backpedaling when they accidentally link Ji Chang Wook with Burning Sun. They used a picture of Ji Chang Wook and “Madam Lin” on their 23 March program ‘Unanswered Questions’ while discussing the Burning Sun case. SBS states their intent was to show how Madam Lin is connected to hallyu stars, but Ji Chang Wook is by no means involved and they are very, very sorry. Ji Chang Wook’s label (Glorious Entertainment) was quick to say he posed with her for a fan photo but they are in no way connected or friends.

25 Mar — MBC reports sales at Aori Ramen (Seungri’s restaurant franchise) have tanked. There are 44 franchises in Korea and 7 international shops. Franchise owners have attempted posting notices that they are independent and not connected to Seungri but as the franchise was commonly called “Seungri’s ramen restaurant” they are having little success. On 7 March Aori Ramen said it would return franchise fees to shop owners but has yet to do so.

25 Mar — Police announce they’ve discovered a way to recover deleted data from Jung Joon Young’s phone.

25 Mar — Netizens get loud about YGE still selling Seungri’s music and merch even though they terminated his contract calling YGE greedy and inappropriately out of touch.

Update: 27 Mar — YGE responds by deleting Seungri from search terms and blurring his face on products.

27 Mar — Go Jun Hee denies involvement with Seungri’s party and the chat after being bombarded by gossipy netizens wanting answers because of a rumor. (So here’s a thought. Maybe girls who have been used against their will don’t want it made public, so swarming to their SNS at the slightest rumor isn’t the best way to get information or to handle the situation. Right?! What do these netizens expect? For the victims to say “well, shuck my corn! You caught me. Yep. I was used and abused and am happy to tell you all about it.”

27 Mar — Merry Lee elaborates on her past experiences of forced participation under the direction of her entertainment label, She states she has been fighting for justice of exposure of these crimes for 6 years; however, people worked to actively bury it including deleting articles. Merry also said at the conference in April she plans to reveal names. (Good for her! I really hope this announcement doesn’t backfire on her. I imagine this will cause certain people to put on some serious pressure.)

27 Mar — MBC’s ‘Newsdesk’ reports Seungri’s foreign investor for Yuri Holdings also invested in Burning Sun. She is a Taiwanese woman known as “Madam Lin” (or “Lin Samo”) and it is believed she used Burning Sun and Yuri Holdings to launder money since she has moved herself and her daughters to Korea, purchased several high dollar properties, but does not have any reports of bringing money into Korea according to the Korean Customs Service. Evidence has been found that she overpaid the price of alcohol at Burning Sun to be paid to the club promoter as an “incentive”, and then would pocket the difference. She also owns WXB which is suspected of being an SK paper company. Lin made her first $100 billion through illegal sports betting in early 2000’s.  Madam Lin returned to Taiwan when the Burning Sun scandal broke.

  • KpG Note: It’s worth noting Lin is heavily invested in Paradise City Hotel… which  YGE is STILL promoting and is a partner.
  • Taiwanese media reported her English name is listed as Yi Ju-Lin but it is assumed this is also a pseudonym rather than her real name.

27 Mar — Netizens discover witnesses that claim they saw Seungri getting his hair and makeup done in a fancy salon before going in to chat with the police on 14 March. As expected… netizens chastise him for not having proper remorse.

28 Mar — MBC ‘Newsdesk’ reports Seungri, warned JJY, Choi JongHoon, Mr. Park, and others in the chat to change their phones. Six members of the chat changed their phones. Due to this, police have lost evidence and are unable to check recent logs. “Newsdesk” also reports the chat includes 14 people, 8 are singers.

28 Mar — Police book Choi Jong Hoon, Jung Joon Young, Seungri. Seungri and Jong Hoon admit to sharing of footage. Seungri claims he shared but was not part of the filming.

  • All footage and evidence of Jung Joon Young’s case forwarded to prosecution.
  • Police have evidence of 2 police officers being bribed by Choi Jong Hoon.
  • Additional evidence found of Choi Jong Hoon sharing illegal videos. These are different than the ones Jung Joon Young shared.
  • Seungri charged with spreading of illegal photos and under investigation of prostitution mediation.
  • Police involved in Burning Sun assault case with Kim Sang Kyo are also under investigation.

28 Mar — Yonhap News reports Jun Woon Corp both manages the Le Meridien Hotel that houses Burning Sun and made the deal for the initial investment in the club. It seems that Jun Won Corp is a HR rep for Sungri and was acting as a middle man for his investments (the initial investment being 225 million won). This seems to contradict Seungri’s statements that he was minimally involved.

29 Mar — sidusHQ releases a statement defending Danny Ahn (g.o.d) who also has been caught up in the “I sweaaaar it’s just a restaurant” tax evasion plan for his Champagne bar. Unfortunately for Danny, their defense consisted of “suuuure. He’s listed as the outside director (but they really meant inside director), and sure he helped design the bar, and sure he’s on the payroll… but we swear he isn’t really involved.” (I mean, props to them for being as honest as possible rather than just deny all the things like most labels. Doesn’t really stop him from being crucified by the press & knetz. Also, formerly JYP. So not YGE. So far the soju can stay on the shelf.)

01 Apr — Namyang Dairy Products officially deny any managerial relationship with Hwang HaNa who has been accused of drug trafficking for Burning Sun. They also deny she they were ever involved with her receiving special treatment (read: police dropping her drug charges in 2009, 2011, and 2015) despite her being the grandaughter of the founder. They went on to say their poor employees are suffering so please, please, please stop boycotting and think of the poor dairy farmers.

01 Apr — Police arrest 13 people and book 103 for Burning Sun,

  • 53 were booked on drug charges
  • Seungri and Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk (David Yoo) are booked…. again. This time for embezzling funds and tax evasion (AHA! Drink!!) with Monkey Museum. Police report it as 10s of millions of won, but the total amount is still being investigated.
  • Choi Jong Hoon booked for sexual assault and filming without consent
  • Lee Moon Ho (Burning Sun CEO) arrest warrant was rejected by a Judge despite him testing positive for drug use and witness testimony of him being involved. For those of us following the case the denial of warrant still baffles.

01 Apr — Actress Go Jun Hee announces that she will sue anyone who spreads rumors that she is connected to the Burning Sun mess. Netizens began speculating after the 23 March SBS broadcast of ‘Unanswered Questions’ exposed a chat where Seungri, JJY, and Choi Jong Hoon discussed possible girls for entertainment including a certain Korean actress who was in New York. Since it was known that Go Jun Hee was in New York at the time of the chat, rumors and questions began. She also quit her upcoming lead role on KBS’s new comedy, ‘Perfume’.

saynotodrugs - Edited
Just say no, kids.

02 Apr — Incheon Police announce grandsons of Hyundai Group founder, Chung Ju Yung, and SK Group founder, Chey Jong Gun, are both to be arraigned on drug charges. Grandson of Chey was arrested while a subpoena has been issued for Chung’s grandson as he is living out of country. Police also say that their informant (a wealthy kid surname Lee) was their supplier and more arrests of upper crust Korean kiddos are coming… oh and P.S: Seoul Metro is reopening the investigation into Namyang Dairy’s Hwang HaNa distribution of Meth. So stay tuned. (Holy schmoly! Police just jumped all in on the We Don’t Care If You’ve Got Money. Good for them. Yep. I bet there’s more than a small handful of prep school elites that are crapping their breeches right now.)

03 Apr — Joongang Ilbo claims a police source has revealed Seungri was embezzling from Burning Sun into multiple bank accounts registered under fake names.  Obviously, this also falls under the tax fraud. (YGE + tax evasion. Drink!)

03 Apr — It’s been discovered YGE’s Yang Hyun Suk has been fraudulent on ANOTHER real estate issue. This time for illegal construction and expansion of a building in the Mapo District. The building is also registered as residential even though it houses 2 night clubs (Tax evasion. *drinking*). He has been ordered to pay a fine and demolish extensions 9 times since 2012… including earlier this year. The YGE head office building (Hapjeong, Seoul) has also had illegal extensions that violate safety codes that YGE has chosen to pay the fine each year since 2010 instead of demolishing the structure.

04 Apr — Police question Seungri about him instructing chat members to dispose of their phones. Police disclose all chat members save one surrendered brand new phones. If this becomes a destruction of evidence charge this will be Seungri’s 5th. The current 4 are prostitution mediation, sharing illegal footage and images, violation of Food Sanitation Act (read: claiming club is a standard restaurant), and embezzlement. Additional bribery charges, violation of Solicitation and Graft Act (gifting concert tickets, buying meals, and paying for golf of a senior police officer Senior Superintendent Yoon in exchange for burying criminal charges), and tax evasion are still being investigated.

Hwang Hana

04 Apr — Police arrested Hwang HaNa (grandaughter of Namyang Dairy Products conglomerate founder (Hong Doo Young), and ex of JYJ’s Yoonchun) arrested for distribution of drugs and sharing of illegal hidden camera footage. She also is accused of threatening at least 4 people with sharing their secretly filmed sex footage. This is not her first offense. Hana has previous drug charges from 2009, 2011, and 2015 for both use and distribution, however nothing came of these charges and it is believed this was due to her police connections. The Seoul Metro Police have reopened the 2015 case.

05 Apr — With the admittance from JJY and Choi Jonghoon that Seungri ordered them to dump their old phones and get new ones, Seungri is now charged with destroying evidence and it brings his criminal charges up to 5.  (One more and he gets a free t-shirt.)

  1. Violation of food sanitary act (listing club as a restaurant= tax evasion)
  2. Prostitution mediator
  3. Filming and sharing illegal videos
  4. Embezzlement
  5. Destruction of Evidence

06 Apr — Hwang Hana admits to using drugs (Kinda hard to deny when you pop positive for 4 different substances) but she blames her usage on a friend told her to do it. (Umm, really? Yep. Really.)  She also claims she has associative mood disorder which is why she was in hospital when she was arrested. She’s still denying distribution.

Timeline will be updated as events surface.


Thoughts So Far:

5 March:

I personally don’t think the Blue House is using YGE’s problems and the Burning Sun scandal to cover it’s tracks. Especially when looking at the specific incidents VIPs have chosen to use. There are clearly far more damaging issues that happened over past few months. Had VIPs drawn connections between the whistleblower case and Burning Sun, I’d be more inclined to consider the theory. That said, this is an interesting case study in how information and misinformation gets spread.

I think the take home lesson here is how people choose not to do their own research it supports something they want to believe. And that’s true whether you’re for or against Seungri or YG. But a bigger issue for me is how certain outlets also chose not to research but ran with the narrative for clicks.

There is also the matter of corruption within Gangnam. To me, this is the real story. I do believe some employees of Burning Sun are guilty. How much Seungri knew is up for debate, but I find it hard to believe he was 100% ignorant of the on goings in his own club. His crime may be more in line of turning a blind eye than direct involvement – but that’s not much different than the accusations from Kim Tae Woo of Moon’s Anti-Corruption Secretary towards Special Inspectors. 

I think the overlooked side story here is how YGE’s quick move to bury this mess and how distance themselves has made them possibly appear more guilty than they are. YGE’s reputation is struggling.   

For me, it’s the document shredding issue by far makes them appear the most shady. I personally assume the documents shredded likely had nothing to do with Burning Sun, but more likely were things in relation to backdoor deals and lackluster financials. I’m not saying that mixed in the shred was proof of chart manipulation, but rather things YGE is afraid for the general public to learn if it should happen that YGE itself gets raided by extension. Things like how well their artists are actually doing vs the media play hype, and the true state of their bank books.

The other part of the conversation is the Naver matter. It’s true Seungri stories didn’t make it to the front page, but I personally feel this was more a Naver play than a YGE directed one. Naver has a vested interest in YGE not being seen in a bad light.

True. It’s no different than a news outlet not reporting negative press on specific pharmaceuticals because that pharma company has purchased ad spots. Only this time the news outlet has bought shares in the company rather than the company buying ads.  

SOPA + coverup is also a non-issue. Burning Sun mess isn’t a cloak for SOPA and SOPA isn’t a distraction for the Blue House. The timeline proves it.  It’s just a devastating story that deserves  attention and justice all on it’s own. Agreed.

6 March:

Seems I was possibly on the right track for why YG was shredding documents. Where there is one tax evasion there is likely to be more.

10 March:

Given the comment from the Prime Minister on 5 March, not only is the corruption of Burning Sun a real thing, but this issue is clearly bigger than clickbait gossip of a Hallyu idol. I think most of us figured that out a while ago, but I feel the need to say it. This case certainly gained traction because of Seungri’s name being involved, but the real issues still remain with or without KPop connections.

I hope as more details come to light, the tragedy of what happened to girls and women doesn’t get lost in the sensationalism and that they get the justice they deserve.

I agree. This case is far more about the corruption of police and Gangnam than about Seungri. Coming on the heels of exposing the rampant corruption of the Park/Choi administration (which is still going on), I don’t think the public is going to let this go quietly. Naver has obviously given up trying to hide this and is letting things trend on the front page. I expect it’s from the outcry of the public claiming they were being biased.

The real story here is absolutely about the Police corruption, the mafia, drugs, what is happening to those girls. Not kpop. Why is no one talking about Lee Mun Ho? For me, he seems a driving force behind this. He’s also the one known to be involved with organized crime. And then there’s Kim. Seungri needs to separate himself from these men. Forget bros before hoes. They’re bad news, and appear to be standing at the epicenter of this mess. 

Side note: I wonder what that means in the business sense for YGE and Naver.

Time will tell.

12 March:

The speed at which KPop artist names are being dropped as possibly involved with this travesty is emotionally draining, I’m setting my playlist to JRock for the week. Alexa: play the Day the Music Died.

16 March:

So now that we’ve added conspiracy theory #2, thoughts?

Burning Sun being used to detract from Jang Ja Yeon actually seems plausible to me. Especially when you consider the deadline for investigation runs out at the end of this month. Keep the masses busy until all the offending parties are home free. But I’m not yet convinced it’s Blue House directed. Rather, I think it’s old guard admin and company execs who have direct involvement and have been implicated. Clearly, there are some pretty powerful people with a vested interest in keeping it out of the public eye. And when said people also own one of the biggest news agencies in the country, pushing another narrative as a distraction gets a little easier.

But that’s why the internet is such an important tool. It’s a wildfire they can’t contain. Jang Ja Yeon has gone international. Now SK has to decide which face to save: the one of global public opinion or their wealthy elite.
As to the Blue House, anyone who wants to be a politician is a little corrupt in my book. You don’t make it to the top without some trading a bit of your soul for lobbying cash. With that said, I too am not convinced they’re behind the push for Burning Hallyu. I’m not saying they’re innocent, but rather I think they’re more invested in other areas. I can also see them wanting Jang Ja Yeon story out there to be used as a way to take out some of their competition. Perhaps they are shoulder deep in this and I’m just missing it due to things being lost in translation; but that’s the way I see it.

There are so many more facts that we found that just didn’t fit here on the timeline (given that it started 10 years ago).

So, new timeline time?

I think so.

You heard it, folks. A new timeline for Jang Ja Yeon is on it’s way.

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