The Prisoner101 Molka Chat List (AKA: Hallyu artists named as associated with illegal & creepy chats)

Since most of us don’t really want to scroll through a whole pile of articles or timelines to see which artist gets removed from our playlist this week (mainly because it’s so depressing), we here at KpG thought we’d make a handy dandy check list of the people named in the molka group chats. (Also because charts are nifty and keep things super organized.) A snapshot of dates and events for each hallyu artist is below the charts. Artists are listed in alphabetical order.  (So, kinda like a glance and dash to keep our tears at a minimum. Pretty much.) We also think that not just the hallyu stars involved but the business people are just as important and need to be brought to justice. We will be putting them on the chart as well so they aren’t allowed to hide in the shadows.

Prisoner 101 Quick List:

Artist Profession Date Exposed Molka Chat
Choi Jong Hoon FT Island 11 March JJY KKTalk, BS KKTalk, personal KKTalk
Eddy Kim soloist 04 March JJY KKTalk
“Han” actor 05 April Club Arena Chat
Hwang Hana ex of JYJ’s Yoonchun, Namyang Dairy heiress 01 April BS KKTalk & others
“Jung” model 05 April Club Arena Chat
Jung Joon Young Drug Restaurant 11 March JJY & BS KKTalk
Mr. Kim Burning Sun managing director 15 March BS KKTalk
Mr. Kim victim’s boyfriend, businessman 04 April Club Arena Chat
Lee Jonghyun CNBLUE 12 March JJY KKTalk
Mr. Park (staff at Burning Sun) 15 March BS KKTalk
Roy Kim soloist 02 April JJY KKTalk
Seungri BigBang 11 March JJY & BS KKTalk
“Shin” assumed to be Shin Ki Hyun actor 05 April Club Arena Chat
Yong Jun Hyung Highlight 11 March JJY KKTalk, Hitmaker Chat
Yoo In Suk (David Yoo) CEO Yuri Holdings 15 March  BS KKtalk
Still To Be Named:
Mr. “A” — assumed to be Kwon Hyuk Joon (brother of SNSD’s Yuri) relative of popular gg member 15 March BS KKTalk
Mr. “B” former YGE employee 15 March BS KKTalk
Mr. “C” friend of JJY 15 March BS KKTalk
–?– Arena Club MD 05 April Club Arena Chat
–?– top ranking Samsung Executive 05 April Club Arena Chat


The Not Charged but Apparently Involved (AKA: P101 Supporting Cast):


Artist Profession Date Exposed Molka Chat
Jeong Jinwoon 2AM 28 March Hitmaker chat
Kangin Super Junior 28 March Hitmaker chat
Kim Lim Singaporean socialite 23 March named by Seungri
Lee Chul Woo model 28 March Hitmaker chat
ZICO Block B 12 March JJY KKTalk


Mini Timelines for Individual Players:

Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island)

  • 11 Mar — Choi JongHoon named as participating in JJY’s KKTalk chats.
  • 12 Mar — FNC denies & of course; in accordance with KPop label business practice 101, threatens to sue.
  • 13 Mar — Discovered that Choi JongHoon (FT Island) requested police hide his drunk driving. FNC admits to Choi’s drunk driving but denies police payout. SBS releases group chat discussion on payments for the cover up as proof.
  • 14 Mar — On top of the drunk driving + bribery, it seems Jong Hoon shared nonconsensual images of women and rated the women with his friends.
  • 16 Mar — JongHoon’s chat with police is scheduled for 10am. He has been charged.
  • 21 Mar — JongHoon booked for bribing police in relation to his drunk driving.
    • FNC terminates his contract.
  • 22 Mar — Police have evidence of a second police officer being bribed by JongHoon.
  • 28 Mar — Police search JongHoon’s house and the houses of 2 officers accused of accepting bribes.
  • 01 Apr — JongHoon booked for sexual assault and filming without consent.
  • 04 Apr — JongHoon admits to bribing police. KKTalk chats revealed in 2016 he 1st offered 2 million won, then 5 million, and finally 10 million won (approx $8,811 US) to the officer. Meanwhile, FTIsland begins their Japanese tour, now with only 4 members.
  • 05 Apr  — It’s been revealed JongHoon is the snitch that told police Seungri ordered them to change their phones.


Eddy Kim

  • 04 Apr — MBC’s ‘Newsdesk’ names Eddy Kim as a member of JJY’s molka chat
  • 05 Apr — Mystic Ent. claims Eddy already cooperated with the police on 31 March for a 2 hour interview, and that he was a chat member but didn’t film or share illegal videos… only pictures. But just one. So no big deal, right?


Jung Joon Young (Drug Restaurant)

  • 11 Mar — SBS drops the bomb on the evening news that:
    • Jung Joon Young (currently lead singer for Drug Restaurant formerly known as JJY Band) was running a little home movie club for the Burning Sun chats. (I’ve wondered about the explanation behind the name “Drug Restaurant”. I guess now we know. And their lyrics seem to have a disturbingly autobiographical quality. Like “403”. Dangit! I loved that song!)
      • KpG Note: JJY had another little home movie project going on back in 2016 that caught the attention of the police, but the case was dropped since no one could prove if the star (his ex-girlfriend) was filmed with or without her consent. 
  • 12 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrives home to Korea to find the police have provided him with a welcoming committee and a free ride to the station. His little home movie club has earned him being booked as a suspect and denied the freedom to leave the country.
    • Jung Joon Young admits he is guilty, the chatlogs are real, he’s retiring from the entertainment industry, and he’s sorry. (It may be worth mentioning that digital sharing of sex crime images carries a maximum 5 year sentence in SK. Is each incident prosecuted separately or joint?  Oof. If each incident means possibly an additional 5 years… yeah, this statement may be a plea deal for reduce sentencing. There’s another issue here. He just admitted the chat logs were real. Which means anyone alleged to be involved is gonna need to lawyer up. Their defense just became “it wasn’t me” instead of “it didn’t happen”.
  • 13 Mar — MAKEUS Entertainment terminates Jung Joon Young’s contract.
  • 14 Mar — police investigation involving Jung Joon Young begins. JJY’s KKT chats  contain over 200,000 messages.
  • 21 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrested and to be kept in detention.
  • 22 Mar — Police announce they’ve discovered Jung Joon Young attempted to destroy evidence (read: factory reset & delete all the things) on his phones before handing them in. In not so unrelated news, Jung Joon Young hires a high profile former prosecutor as his attorney & the public immediately panics that the lawyer’s former ties will mean a softer case for JJY.
  • 25 Mar — Police announce they’ve discovered a way to recover deleted data from Jung Joon Young’s phone.
  • 28 Mar — Footage and evidence from JJY’s case is forwarded to the prosecution.
  • 28 Mar — JJY accused of actively searching for female … er… “companions” to film while overseas for JTBC’s ‘Hitmaker’. Other ‘Hitmaker’ cast implicated.
  • 05 Apr — Police acknowledge JJY told them Seungri is the one who ordered them to change their phones.


Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE)

  • 11 Mar — Jonghyun is named as one of the participants in JJY’s KKTalk chat. Jonghyun is currently serving his mandatory enlistment.
  • 12 Mar — FNC denies Jonghyun’s involvement.
  • 14 Mar — SBS’s ‘8 Oclock News’ reveals Jonghyun had personal chats with JJY where he requested escort services and shared his own hidden camera footage.
    • Jonghyun deletes his Instagram
    • FNC revises their statement claiming they had no knowledge of personal texts. They only asked Jonghyun about group chats to which he told them no. He now acknowledges his errors and is reflecting.
      • “Reflecting” doesn’t sit well with fans and they demand he be removed from CNBLUE.
  • 14 Mar — Netizens dig up the past and find a post from October 2018 where someone stated Jonghyun harasses and sleeps with fans. When other netizens at the time told the poster to stop making things up OP responded that he assaulted an underage fan after giving her sleeping pills.
    • Fans also find fancams that show him being a little…erm… handsy with female idols. Enough to make the girl group members visibly uncomfortable.
  • 16 Mar — FNC vehemently denies Jonghyun harassing and assaulting people. They full on say with their whole chest he admitted to the chat and is reflecting so leave him alone.
  • 04 Apr — Jonghyun is revealed to be part of the JTBC ‘Hitmaker’ molka chats as well. Police state that Jonghyun has completed his questioning and he is now classifed as a witness.


Kwon Hyuk Joon

  • 12 Mar — He kinda loses his temper on Instagram for people speculating (since he’s apparently super good friends with both Seungri and JJY) and dares keyboard warriors to reveal themselves. He claims he was only in the chats because he and Seungri opened a pub together (Mildang Pocha) and he’s currently cooperating with the police.
  • 28 Mar — Suddenly goes dark on all his SNS which doesn’t do him any favors in the not looking guilty camp.


Roy Kim

  • 12 Mar — Roy named as a participating in JJY’s chat. The police state this is untrue and claim media confused his name.
  • 02 Apr — Roy is named as being a participant in a molka chat that includes 16 people and 23 chatrooms.
    • Netizens call for a boycott of brewery conglomerate Seoul Takju since Roy Kim’s father, Kim Hong Taek, was previously the president but transferred his shares to Roy when he stepped down in 2014. Seoul Takju was quick to say“He’s just a shareholder. JusT A  SHAREHOLDER” in a desperate attempt to ward off the massive decline in sales like what happened to Seungri’s Aori Ramen.
    • Broadcast companies prepare to remove Roy from shows he was featured in (such as KBS’s ‘2 Days 1 Night’).
      • Update: 04 Apr — Most broadcasting companies (Mnet, tvN, JTBC, etc.) said they are waiting for an official statement from police before removing all VOD content with Roy Kim. Stone Music (Roy’s label) said Roy will return from the US soon and will cooperate with the Police.
    • In completely related and heartbreaking news: Roy Kim’s father, currently a Hongik University professor, has apologized to his students for the actions of his son and for not being a better father in raising him properly.
  • 03 Apr — Stone Music Ent releases the most nonstatement statement saying: He’s overseas. He’ll answer questions when he gets back.
  • 04 Apr — Roy is booked for sharing illegal videos.


Seungri (BIGBANG)

KpG Note: his page will only list things for Seungri as relates to the molka chats. For other events and incidents please see our timeline Seungri vs. The World.

  • 25 Feb — SBS discloses a series of KakaoTalk chats from 2015 in which Seungri and future Burning Sun investor Mr. Yu (Yuri Holdings) were discussing gathering women to provide services for investors and gangsters. YG; of course, denied the claim following up with the usual angry fist shake of “we gonna sue” that all entertainment labels do. Some VIPs also jumped to All Defense Mode Activated over SNS ignoring the concept that this report was presented to show possible pattern of “business” practice at Club Arena with future partners for Burning Sun & instead clamored it must be a lie because Burning Sun hadn’t opened yet.  (Isn’t SBS the main outlet in SK known for actually fact checking before reporting? Yes. I mean, I get wanting to defend your faves, but there are better ways than just trying to shout down the messenger. Thankfully, I saw a good number of VIPs using well thought out rebuttals and requesting proof because; admittedly, the screencaps did look photoshopped.) 
    •  KpG Note: Yuri Holdings is supposedly a blend of Mr. Yu’s name and the last syllable of Seungri.
  • 27 Feb — YGE makes an official statement denying Seungri’s involvement in pimping, claiming they asked him and he said it wasn’t true.
  • 10 Mar — Seungri and at least 3 others were booked.
  • 11 Mar — SBS confirms multiple Hallyu stars were involved in Seungri’s KKtalk chat for escort services. Police are currently investigating.
  • 11 Mar — Seungri announces he is leaving BIGBANG and is retiring from the Entertainment world.
  • 11 Mar — Police elevate Seungri’s status to suspect. They also confiscated his passport and banned him from leaving the country.
  •  13 Mar — ON today’s edtion of Bros Being Idiots: chatlogs between Kim & Seungri reveal them discussing how the police chief will take care of things for them (note: “Chief” could also mean Commissioner or Public Prosecutor since words are similar in hangul). Police Commissioner General vows to discover and prosecute anyone guilty to the fullest regardless of rank.
  • 14 Mar — Police investigation involving Seungri begins and he surrenders his phone. After his chat concluded, he stated to the press he’s planning to ask Military Manpower to delay his enlistment so that he can fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation.
  • 14 Mar — Sisa Journal discloses messages showing Seungri engaged in escort service activities and gambling overseas.
  • 19 Mar — Seungri denies allegations of gambling and prostitution by saying he was “bluffing” to seem cool to his friends. (Ummmmyeaaahhhh, No. No one’s buying that.)
  • 19 Mar — Military has officially postponed Seungri’s enlistment due to the ongoing investigation.
  • 21 Mar — MBN’s “News 8” says they have testimony Seungri used cocaine and engaged in prostitution mediation in the Philippines during his birthday party. Seungri’s lawyer denies everything saying the informants are malicious and texts have been unfairly twisted.
  • 23 Mar — Seungri names Kim Lim, a Singaporean socialite, as an example in his interview with Chosun Ilbo about hiring escorts for foreign investors for Club Arena. Seungri claims he looked for a girl to show her a good time…. as a personal shopper and dinner companion.
    • Kim Lim denies involvement with Seungri’s escort service. It’s worth noting this is the 2nd interview where Seungri and lawyer outed her as a “client”. (Is it just me or did his “I’ve received a lot of help from her so I just want to look out for her” sound like a not so veiled mob style threat? I mean, if you really want to “look out for her” why would you bring up her name at all? Not just you.
  • 23 Mar — SBS’s ‘Unanswered Questions” exposed a chat where Seungri, JJY, and Choi Jong Hoon discussed possible girls for entertainment including a certain Korean actress who was in New York.
  • 28 Mar — MBC ‘Newsdesk’ reports Seungri, warned JJY, Choi JongHoon, Mr. Park, and others in the chat to change their phones. Six members of the chat changed their phones. Due to this, police have lost evidence and are unable to check recent logs. “Newsdesk” also reports the chat includes 14 people, 8 are singers.
  • 28 Mar — Seungri is booked for sharing illegal footage and subsequently charged with Prostitution Mediation. He admits he shared but denies filming any himself.
  • 04 Apr — Police question Seungri about him instructing chat members to dispose of their phones. Police disclose all chat members save one surrendered brand spankin’ new phones.
  • 05 Apr — With the admittance from JJY and Choi Jonghoon that Seungri ordered them to dump their old phones and get new ones, Seungri is now charged with destroying evidence and it brings his criminal charges up to 5.  (One more and he gets a free t-shirt.)
    1. Violation of food sanitary act (listing club as a restaurant= tax evasion)
    2. Prostitution mediator
    3. Filming and sharing illegal videos
    4. Embezzlement
    5. Destruction of Evidence


Yong Junhyung (Highlight)

  • 11 Mar — SBS evening news drops the bomb that JJY is running a little home movie club for Burning Sun chats. A Mr. Yong was named which netizens surmised to be Yong Junhyung from Highlight. Around Us Entertainment immediately posted a statement saying: No! Not no-how. Not nowhere. You want logs? We’ll give you logs!
  • 14 Mar — JunHyung is leaving Highlight. He states he was not part of the group chat but admits he did receive a video from JJY and didn’t report it.
  • 02 Apr — JunHyung quietly enlists
  • 04 Apr — JunHyung is revealed to be part of the JTBC ‘Hitmaker’ molka chats as well. Police acknowledge JunHyung has completed his questioning and they now consider him a witness.


ZICO (solo, formerly Block B)

  • 11 Mar — Netizens remember a 2016 Radio Star episode with JJY & Zico from where they talked about JJY’s “golden phone” he used for his *ahem* “special interests”.
  • 13 Mar — Zico addresses suspicions of his involvement on Instagram saying his comments on Radio Star was referring to JJY’s contact list. Not pictures. (Ummm… no one’s buying that one.)

One thought on “The Prisoner101 Molka Chat List (AKA: Hallyu artists named as associated with illegal & creepy chats)

  1. […] In an effort to keep proper track of what is and isn’t true with all the crazy claims about current KPop scandals we’ve decided to make a timeline, but as you know, the current list of “OMG. No! Say it isn’t so!” corruption stories have more legs than a centipede.  So we’ve decided to divide events into separate timelines. This post is for the KKTalk and molka chats… and the subsequent fallout. For the Burning Sun timeline you can find it here. For the timeline of things related to Jang Ja Yeon you can find it… tomorrow. (We’re still reorganizing.) For the quick list of who participated in molka chats you can find it here. […]


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