The Hallyu Molka Chats (AKA: a Timeline of the investigation into JJY KKTalks & other group chats where everysinglebody should have known better & now needs to apologize to their Mamas)

In an effort to keep proper track of what is and isn’t true with all the crazy claims about current KPop scandals we’ve decided to make a timeline, but as you know, the current list of “OMG. No! Say it isn’t so!” corruption stories have more legs than a centipede.  So we’ve decided to divide events into separate timelines. This post is for the KKTalk and molka chats… and the subsequent fallout.
For the Burning Sun timeline you can find it here.
For the timeline of things related to Jang Ja Yeon you can find it… tomorrow. (We’re still reorganizing.)
For the quick list of who participated in molka chats you can find it here.

A quick note for new readers: We have opinions and we like to share. So our posts often come with a sideline of our own comments or sometimes a short back and forth discussion.  (We find a little snark makes the depressing go down a little easier. All our glorious commentary and it’s absolutely free! What a deal!) Yeah. Like that.

With that said… here we go. Diving in:

Molka Chats Timeline:

25 Feb — SBS discloses a series of KakaoTalk chats from 2015 in which Seungri and future Burning Sun investor Mr. Yu (Yuri Holdings) were discussing gathering women to provide services for investors and gangsters. YG; of course, denied the claim following up with the usual angry fist shake of “we gonna sue” that all entertainment labels do. Some VIPs also jumped to All Defense Mode Activated over SNS ignoring the concept that this report was presented to show possible pattern of “business” practice at Club Arena with future partners for Burning Sun & instead clamored it must be a lie because Burning Sun hadn’t opened yet.  (Isn’t SBS the main outlet in SK known for actually fact checking before reporting? Yes. I mean, I get wanting to defend your faves, but there are better ways than just trying to shout down the messenger. Thankfully, I saw a good number of VIPs using well thought out rebuttals and requesting proof because; admittedly, the screencaps did look photoshopped.)

 KpG Note: Yuri Holdings is supposedly a blend of Mr. Yu’s name and the last syllable of Seungri.

26 Feb — Seoul Police Department announces they are “launching an investigation” into SBS’s previous exposé on pimpage.

26 Feb — Park Han Byul’s husband (Yoo In Suk/David Yoo) is revealed to be the Mr. Yu of Yuri Holdings from SBS’s article. Her agency released a statement on her behalf distancing herself from Seungri and attempts to say her husband was just a pseudo silent partner in Burning Man so please leave them alone.

26 Feb — Kang Kyung Yun, SBS journalist (who frankly is deserving of Knighthood for all the investigative journalism she’s reported on behalf of assault victims like Goo Hara’s casedoubles down on the validity of her report and claims the only not completely truthful part was how she watered down the exchange to make it more palatable to the public. And yes, she’d love to answer any questions the police may have.

27 Feb — YGE makes an official statement denying Seungri’s involvement in pimping, claiming they asked him and he said it wasn’t true.

27 Feb — 9pm. Seungri joins the police for a little chat about what is and isn’t appropriate to provide as services to foreign investors. The little chat lasts 8.5 hours.

4 Mar  — Seoul Police department leaks to press they don’t have any proof of original KTalk messages and furthermore someone told them no such thing exists. SBS responds they turned evidence over to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead as they believed police may be compromised. The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission said they did have the evidence and would turn it over to the police when they finished with it. The police then begrudgingly admitted they learned the ACCRC had the evidence on 1 March and were waiting for it to be delivered… which makes the whole press leak thing seem highly suspect. (Moves like this are not the way to go if you want to prove to the public you aren’t on the take.)

11 Mar — SBS confirms multiple Hallyu stars were involved in Seungri’s KKtalk chat for escort services. Police are currently investigating.

11 Mar — SBS funE reporter, Kang Kyung Yun, discloses 2 male artists shared at least 10 incidents (pictures and video) involving 8 victims in the chat from Burning Sun. The women involved appeared to be incoherent. SBS also drops the bomb on the evening news that:

KNetz right now
  • Jung Joon Young (currently lead singer for Drug Restaurant formerly known as JJY Band) was running a little home movie club for the Burning Sun chats. (I’ve wondered about the explanation behind the name “Drug Restaurant”. I guess now we know. And their lyrics seem to have a disturbingly autobiographical quality. Like “403”. Dangit! I loved that song!)
    • KpG Note: JJY had another little home movie project going on back in 2016 that caught the attention of the police, but the case was dropped since no one could prove if the star (his ex-girlfriend) was filmed with or without her consent. 
  • A Mr. Yong was named which netizens surmised to be Yong Junhyung from Highlight. Around Us Entertainment immediately posted a statement saying: No! Not no-how. Not nowhere. You want logs? We’ll give you logs!
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) has also been named as participating. FNC denies & of course; in accordance with KPop label business practice 101, threatens to sue.

11 Mar — Netizens remember a 2016 Radio Star episode with JJY & Zico from where they talked about JJY’s “golden phone” he used for his *ahem* “special interests”.

KNetz in a nutshell.

11 Mar — Sehun (EXO) posts an ill timed cryptic message stating “Time will solve it. There will be happiness.” Apparently Sehun forgot that KNetz will jump to the most drama inducing conclusion in all things… which meant his comment was automatically seen as support for Seungri ergo support for raping girls in kpopland. (Apparently KNetz “proof” = he used a peace sign. Which of course wasn’t a peace sign but a supar secret coded “V” since Seungri is also called “victory”. Nope. Not kidding.)  It’s far more likely that this had to do with a nasty fanwar on Weibo. Especially since he also posted to Weibo about missing EXO-Ls around the same time… and wITH THE EXACT SAME PICTURE.


12 Mar — SM; in a bold display of their complete inability to read the room, releases a statement of We’ll Sue False Rumors with zero details to the issue they are referring or any hint of clarity.  (I’m guessing that’s a standardized form at this point complete with “insert artist name here”.) Of course, this only causes even more speculation and rumors abound. KNetz now expand their accusations about Sehun to include all of EXO and kpoppers assume linkage to JJY’s chat.

12 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrives home to Korea to find the police have provided him with a welcoming committee and a free ride to the station. His little home movie club has earned him being booked as a suspect and denied the freedom to leave the country.

12 Mar — Jung Joon Young admits he is guilty, the chatlogs are real, he’s retiring from the entertainment industry, and he’s sorry. (It may be worth mentioning that digital sharing of sex crime images carries a maximum 5 year sentence in SK. Is each incident prosecuted separately or joint?  Oof. If each incident means possibly an additional 5 years… yeah, this statement may be a plea deal for reduce sentencing. There’s another issue here. He just admitted the chat logs were real. Which means anyone alleged to be involved is gonna need to lawyer up. Their defense just became “it wasn’t me” instead of “it didn’t happen”.

12 Mar — Because it’s easier we’ll just list names of Hallyu stars accused of being involved today:

  • Jung Joon Young (Drug Restaurant) — has admitted involvement
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) — FNC denies allegations
  • Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) — FNC denies allegations
  • Lee HongKi (FT Island) — cleared by SBS reporter, Kang Kyung Yoon, as not involved
  • Zico (Block B) — Personally denies allegations
  • Yong JunHyung (Highlight)Around Us denies allegations. SBS clarifies he was in a one-on-one chat but not the chat that is being investigated.
  • Lee Chung Ah (actress) — Personally denies allegations and so does Kings Entertainment
  • Roy Kim (singer) — confirmed by Police media confused his name
  • Jihyo (TWICE) — JYP denies allegations
  • EXO (specifically Sehun but it has branched to other members as well) — SM will sue. Speculation makes no sense other than antis being antis.
  • Heo Hyun (model) — Agency Garten denies allegations
  • Kwon Hyuk Joon (brother of SNSD’s Yuri, cast member of “I Live Alone”. Previously helped Seungri open pub Mildang Pocha.) — Personally denies allegations
  • Goo Hara — Personally denies allegations.  Based solely off being friends with Seungri. Netizens get angry given events in her past. (This one made me angry as well)
  • Jung Yoo Mi (actress. JJY’s “wife” on We Got Married) — Personally denies allegations

13 Mar — Zico addresses suspicions of his involvement on Instagram saying his comments on Radio Star was referring to JJY’s contact list. Not pictures.

13 Mar — On today’s edition of Bros Being Idiots: chatlogs between Kim & Seungri reveal them discussing how the police chief will take care of things for them (note: “Chief” could also mean Commissioner or Public Prosecutor since words are similar in hangul). Police Commissioner General vows to discover and prosecute anyone guilty to the fullest regardless of rank.

  • Update: 13 Mar — Former police Commissioner General Kang Shin Myung and current Commissioner General Min Gao Ryong both deny being the “chief” in the chats.
  • Update: 14 Mar — former Commissioner for Seoul Metro Police, Lee Sang Won, denies speculation that he is the “chief” in the Jung Joong Young & Seungri chats.

13 Mar — Police confirm they have proof of Seungri colluding with the Chief of Police. Pandora’s box has opened and police + hallyu = corruption cases just keep crawling out:

  • A Seongong policeman in charge of JJY’s 2016 case (read: hidden camera involving his ex-girlfriend) tried to get digital forensics to lose the phone. Digital forensics denied his request so the policeman closed the case.
  • Turns out JJY was accused of illegally filming in 2018 as well but that case was also dropped.
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) requested police hide his drunk driving. FNC admits to Choi’s drunk driving but denies police payout. but SBS releases group chat discussion on payments for the cover up.
Well said, Netizen.

13 Mar — MAKEUS Entertainment terminates Jung Joon Young’s contract.

13 Mar — Police lock down the phone repair shop that discovered the KKtalk convos and send in their digital forensic team to help recover any additional pertinent information.

13 Mar — In today’s list of Hallyu artists accused of involvement:

  • Oh Yeon Seo (actress) — Celltrion Entertainment denies
  • Oh Cho Hee (actress) — Personally denies
  • BLACKPINK members — YG Entertainment denies
  • Kim Ji Hyang (actress & model) — Dmost Entertainment denies
  • Moon Chae Won (actress) — Namoo Actors denies claiming she was hacked. Apparently her Instagram history shows a liked post of Jung Joon Young.
  • Mina (AOA) — Personally denies

14 Mar — SBS reporter, Kang Kyung Yoon, clarifies that all of the female victims were in their early 20’s at the time and none of them were hallyu stars.

14 Mar — police investigation shoot for a hat trick.

  • Jung Joon Young’s investigation begins. JJY’s KKT chats  contain over 200,000 messages.
  • Seungri’s investigation begins. After his chat concluded, he stated to the press he is planning to ask Military Manpower to delay his enlistment so that he can fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation. He also handed over his phone to the police.
  • David Yoo (Yoo In Seok) investigation begins… or… it was suppose to. But it got a late start. His lawyer told everyone that he would only cooperate if no one took pictures of him so the media needed to disperse. (Huh. Imagine that. Sometimes people don’t want to have their picture taken and spread around to lots of people.)

On that note… we’ll just leave these here:

14 Mar — Sisa Journal discloses messages showing Seungri engaged in escort service activities and gambling overseas. Most of us would consider a day of gambling to be a nonissue, but because of South Korea’s morality laws + the Territorial Principle, anything illegal in Korea is still illegal for native Koreans abroad.

14 Mar — Updates on the accused:

  • Yong JunHyung (Highlight) — JunHyung is leaving Highlight. He states he was not part of the group chat but admits he did receive a video from JJY and didn’t report it.
  • Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) — requested escort services and to have shared his own hidden camera footage
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) — on top of the drunk driving + bribery, it seems he shared illegal and nonconsensual images of women and rated the women with his friends. FNC has decided he will be leave FT Island and retire from the industry.

15 Mar — KBS reports the first chat logs between JJY and David Yoo go back to 25 December 2015.

15 Mar — According to MBC the updated chatlog list includes:

  • Jung Joon Young (Drug Restaurant)
  • Seungri (BigBang)
  • Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island)
  • Yoo In Suk (AKA: David Yoo) — CEO of Yuri Holdings — note: according to SBS, David was the main person working with police to make problems disappear. His role was apparently to be the “problem solver”.
  • Mr. Kim — employee of Burning Sun who was in charge of the club’s cameras. Also reported to have been a BS managing director.
  • a relative of a girl group member (referred to as Mr. A)
  • a former YGE employee (referred to as Mr. B)
  • “friend” of JJY — apparently appeared on a variety show with JJY (referred to as Mr. C)
    • *one of the unknown has the last name of Park

15 Mar — Jonghyun (CNBLUE) admits he watched JJY’s illegal videos. FNC apologizes for previously saying he was innocent.

15 Mar — KBS’s “2 Days 1 Night” will be on indefinite hiatus due to JJY being a regular cast member. KBS felt it was too difficult to edit JJY out of episodes previously filmed and a complete revamp of the show is needed.

16 Mar — Choi Jonghoon’s (FT Island) chat with police is scheduled for 10am. He has been charged.

16 Mar — Kim Jun Ho and Cha Tae Hyun, both cast members of “2 Days 1 Night”, have been accused of illegal gambling… over golf. (As boring as golf is this shouldn’t even count as gambling. More like attempting to stay awake.) Cha Tae Hyun announced his retirement from all entertainment programs. Kim Joo Ho’s label, JDB Entertainment, is checking and will post their decision later. (Here’s a question. If the winner was able to take home a nice box of expensive ginseng or the loser had to buy meals for a month would it still count as gambling?) 

21 Mar — Jung Joon Young arrested and to be kept in detention & Choi Jong Hoon booked for bribing police in relation to his drunk driving.

21 Mar — FNC terminates their contract with Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island).

22 Mar — Police announce they’ve discovered Jung Joon Young attempted to destroy evidence (read: factory reset & delete all the things) on his phones before handing them in. In not so unrelated news, Jung Joon Young hires a high profile former prosecutor as his attorney & the public immediately panics that the lawyer’s former ties will mean a softer case for JJY.

  • Update: 25 Mar — Police announce they’ve discovered a way to recover deleted data from Jung Joon Young’s phone.

28 Mar — Police book Choi Jong Hoon, Jung Joon Young, Seungri. Seungri and Jong Hoon admit to sharing of footage. Seungri claims he shared but was not part of the filming.

  • All footage and evidence of Jung Joon Young’s case forwarded to prosecution.
  • Police have evidence of 2 police officers being bribed by Choi Jong Hoon.
  • Additional evidence found of Choi Jong Hoon sharing illegal videos. These are different than the ones Jung Joon Young shared.
  • Seungri charged with spreading of illegal photos and under investigation of prostitution mediation.
  • Police involved in Burning Sun assault case with Kim Sang Kyo are also under investigation.

28 Mar — JTBC officially takes the “We know nothing” approach to news that Jung Joon Young went… *ahem* purveying for companions while filming “Hitmaker” over seas. Chat records show 3 other participants: Model “L”, Singer “K”, and Singer “J”. Netizens quickly jump to these being Hitmaker costars Model Lee Cheol Woo, Super Junior’s Kangin, & 2AMs Jinwoon.

29 Mar — a woman accuses Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) of assault in 2010. His representative denies the allegation saying everything they did was not only consensual but at her suggestion and her claims are an attempt to take advantage of the current climate since he is a public figure. They further state he will work faithfully with the police to reveal the truth.

Director Scumbag Kim

29  Mar — In not related but related news: director Kim Ki Duk is suing MBC’s ‘PD Notebook’ and an actress that was a guest for defamation. The actress stated on the show she was forced by the director into a sex scene that wasn’t part of the movie ‘Mobius’ after which she quit the film. Director Kim says that his actions were justifiable since he was aiming for artistic realism. Kim admits to the assault but is still suing because he feels she shouldn’t have exposed it. (What. The. Frack?!! This story perfectly captures what is so wrong with SKorean culture. None of his friends tried to stop him. No one told him why this is a terrible idea & why he’s a terrible person. This attitude is the very reason cases like Burning Sun and Jang JaYeon continued for so long. I have no words. At least, no polite ones.)

01 Apr — Namyang Dairy Products officially deny any managerial relationship with Hwang HaNa who has been accused of drug trafficking for Burning Sun. They also deny she they were ever involved with her receiving special treatment (read: police dropping her drug charges in 2009, 2011, and 2015) despite her being the grandaughter of the founder. They went on to say their poor employees are suffering so please, please, please stop boycotting and think of the poor dairy farmers.

saynotodrugs - Edited
Just say no, kids.

02 Apr — Incheon Police announce grandsons of Hyundai Group founder, Chung Ju Yung, and SK Group founder, Chey Jong Gun, are both to be arraigned on drug charges. Grandson of Chey was arrested while a subpoena has been issued for Chung’s grandson as he is living out of country. Police also say that their informant (a wealthy kid surname Lee) was their supplier and more arrests of upper crust Korean kiddos are coming… oh and P.S: Seoul Metro is reopening the investigation into Namyang Dairy’s Hwang HaNa distribution of Meth. So stay tuned. (Holy schmoly! Police just jumped all in on the We Don’t Care If You’ve Got Money. Good for them. Yep. I bet there’s more than a small handful of prep school elites that are crapping their breeches right now.)

Noooooo! Not Roy Kim! I mean… not a complete surprise seeing as how chummy he is with JJY but still… Nooooo! *sob*

02 Apr — Roy Kim is named as a participating member of JJY’s chat group. There appears to be at least 23 chatrooms with 16 participating members.

  • Netizens call for a boycott of brewery conglomerate Seoul Takju since Roy Kim’s father, Kim Hong Taek, was previously the president but it is said he transferred his shares to Roy when he stepped down in 2014. Seoul Takju was quick to say “He’s just a shareholder. JusT A  SHAREHOLDER” in a desperate attempt to ward off the massive decline in sales like what happened to Seungri’s Aori Ramen.
  • Broadcast companies prepare to remove Roy from shows he was featured in (such as KBS’s ‘2 Days 1 Night’).
    • Update: 04 Apr — Most broadcasting companies (Mnet, tvN, JTBC, etc.) said they are waiting for an official statement from police before removing all VOD content with Roy Kim. Stone Music (Roy’s label) said Roy will return from the US soon and will cooperate with the Police.
  • In completely related and heartbreaking news: Roy Kim’s father, currently a Hongik University professor, has apologized to his students for the actions of his son and for not being a better father in raising him properly.

04 Apr — Roy Kim has been booked for sharing illegally filmed videos. Other participants that may be looked into as suspects or witnesses include ‘Hitmaker’ cast and guests:

  • Jeong JinWoon (2AM, currently conscripted)
  • Lee JongHyun (CNBLUE)
  • Kangin (Super Junior)
  • Yong JunHyung (Highlight)
  • Lee ChulWoo (model)
    • Update: 04 Apr– Police say there are no plans currently to investigate ‘Hitmaker’ cast other than Yong JunHyung and Lee JongHyun

04 Apr — Eddy Kim reported by MBC’s ‘Newsdesk’ to be part of JJY’s chat group. Eddy’s label, Mystic Story (formerly Mystic Ent.) announces they are looking into the matter.

04 Apr — Lee Soo Geun (comedian, SM C&C) denies betting on golf while playing with Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Hoon Ho.

04 Apr — Choi Jong Hoon (former FTIsland) admits to bribing police. KKTalk chats revealed in 2016 he 1st offered 2 million won, then 5 million, and finally 10 million won (approx $8,811 US) to the officer. Meanwhile, FTIsland begins their Japanese tour, now with only 4 members.

05 Apr — SBS ‘8 News’ reveals more participants in another illegal KKTalk chat containing more than 100 videos and at least 20 women. The chat was revealed by a female that discovered she was a victim when she found her boyfriend’s external hard drive. She previously gave the copied hard drive to the Gangnam Police but they only investigated it as a demeanor and didn’t pursue charges. Participants include:

  • last name Shin (actor)
  • last name Han (actor)
  • last name Jung (model)
  • a top rank Samsung executive
  • Arena Club MD
  • victim’s former boyfriend Kim

05 Apr — Mystic Ent. claims Eddy already cooperated with the police on 31 March for a 2 hour interview, and that he was a chat member but didn’t film or share illegal videos… only pictures. But just one. So no big deal, right??

Netizen mood: OnLy OnE

Timeline will be updated as events surface.


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