So…. um…. yeah. At some point, some wayward soul is probably going to wander onto this page and expect for us to have things listed about who we are and blah, blah, blah.

Because that’s what adults do. [Kell’s interjection: I am adult in name only]

You know, the whole: I’m on the internet and I totally know how to use it like a grown up. [I am a grown up in name only]

So we should probably put things here about us that make us seem all…. adulty. Or, at least, moderately sane. [I am mod–you all get the idea]

(We’re totally normal. And adults. Promise.)

Sane. Yep. Let’s run with that one. Because if anyone came here after reading our posts, our level of normalcy might actually be in question. (And that should be easier and waaaaaay less boring than trying to prove adulthood status…. especially seeing as I am currently wearing Totoro soot sprite slippers and I may or may not be currently eating a bowl of cereal on the couch.) 

So hi everyone.

I’m Seoulful…. aka Seoul. And when I make random interjections here on KpG my color will be in GREEN. 

  • I’m a total music geek. My favorite genres are KHH (Korean Hip Hop), JRock (the actual rock kind- not so much the visual kei kind), and the harder side of KPop (you know stuff with a beat and bass more than the bubblyhappysweet kind). I also like Brit Grime, old school R&B, Jazz, Indie (especially Scandinavian as of late- but that’s another story)… Basically, I’m a have-bass-will-listen kind of girl.
  • I have a puppy that functions much more as a dust mop fluffball than an actual guard against anything… but he’s got me whipped and I love him.
  • I will try almost anything at least once. Especially foodwise. Unless it’s still wriggling. I draw the line at still alive and currently trying to crawl off my plate. 
  • I also love to cook. Mostly because my mother was… well, let’s just call her dedicated when it comes to boiling. So yeah, learning to cook was more of a survival thing.
  • I fell into KPop sometime around mid 2013. I started timidly with a ton of “that’ll never be me- look at those silly KPoppers. I’m way cooler than that.”… but now I am one. Completely. No regrets.
  • I’m technically an adult, but I try to avoid that tag as much as possible. Because it usually comes with expectations (…and chores. Like balancing budgets and being responsible. Blech!). But I do wear the Noona/Unnie tag with pride.
  • My Korean is embarrassingly lacking. But I am working on it. Slowly. Cheoncheonhi. (See? That was romanization for “slowly”. Hahahaha. I’m so funny. Not really. I know. *hangs head in shame*).

I started KpG with Kell because we were totally fed up with all the misinformation on “How To KPop” that was floating around, and because none of the actual relevant information seemed to be compiled in one happy, little place.

I guess it’s my turn. I’m KPopperKell, AKA Kell. And when I make super insightful, extremely meaningful and impactful interjections, my color will be this GLORIOUS shade of purple. 

Like This?
  • I also enjoy music quite a bit. I’m usually open to most genres of music although whiny and completely discordant protest songs are usually a definite no in my book. 
  • I have two cats currently that I inherited from my bestie. Previously I have owned rats (don’t you make that face, they’re super adorable and smart and clean and are essentially easily cage-able puppies that never grow up [Awww! I owned rats too! Rat lovers unite!]) and gerbils (hilarious to watch and except for food, water, and bedding, could care less if humans existed).
  • There are only a few things on my list of foods I don’t prefer: bologna, pasta salad, eel (I know I’m a heathen), pepperoni, and peanut butter (ducks and hides). I might be convinced to eat wriggling food, although I probably draw the line at insects. 
  • I’ve been accidentally watching KPop since the mid-90s because that was what was on one of the local TV channels [*gasp* You got to watch KPop on local televison??? Lucky! I’m so totally jealous!]. Actually, it was just a music show with different groups performing and I swear the host looked just like an older version of You Hee-yeol (if anyone knows what I’m talking about, PLEASE let me know). I fell out of KPop before the 90s ended and didn’t get back into it until DBSK teamed up with Trax and BoA for Triangle (Don’t judge me, Junsu is beautiful [Totally a judge free zone here.]). I’d say I only casually listened to KPop because I was much more into JRock (the visual kei kind, Gackt is also beautiful) and anime soundtracks because I’m that kind of dork [Same. Bleach OST ftw.]. But I would say I stayed on the casual listener side of KPop for quite some time. I blame a certain “monster of rap” for putting out an amazing mixtape that intrigued me enough to look into a group full of dorks and then I had to listen to an entire discography and watch EVERY VIDEO EVER and a time dilation later, I was in too deep to turn back. Also no regrets. [Yep. This is where Kell and I agree. Both of us found BTS because of RM’s Mixtape. Being the KHH girl that I am, a friend knew that I’d love it. And just like Kell, I also instantly and absolutely had to have everything he had ever done.]
  • In age I am “too old” for the KPop target demographic. In mentality, I’m right where I should be to like KPop without all the immature stuff that makes me roll my eyes but I try not to judge (but I do privately). 
  • I know enough Hangul to sound things out but not enough to actually know words that aren’t just names or transliterations of English words. Google translate is useful and I will forever be grateful to those hard working subbers. Bing translate is a joke but is legit good for a laugh [#OfficialMemberGoogleTranslateForTwitterSquad]. I’m slowly learning though and that’s half the battle (Go Joe! I got that! I feel so smart!!).

I’m here because Seoul is awesome and asked me to contribute. Little did she know that my primary contributions would involve animated GIFs, pics, hilarious puns, emojis, an astoundingly heavy use of random non sequiturs, a love of portmanteaus, which I lovingly call word shipping, and improper use of ellipses… [Oh, I absolutely knew. And that’s why myself; and I’m fairly certain our readers, are totally glad you’re here.]

That’s the story. Umm. I slept through the class that teaches adults how to gracefully exit a long blog post so…uhh…bye! What?? No fancy gif? No dancing bunnies? I demand proper giffing for the ending of this post! (Actually I just want to see what awesome gif you will find to close us out and wonder if it will have dancing bunnies.)

Fancy enough for you?    Perfect!