The Mighty List of HOW TOs… and all that

New to KPop?
No Problem.

Veteran KPopper but been gone for a while and now everything’s changed?
It happens to all of us.

Even the most seasoned/active KPopper needs a refresher course once in a while. Rules are always changing, and keeping up with it all can be hard.

“Mnet changed their voting rules again.” *sigh* We know, Fishy. It’s Mnet. Of course they did.

So we here at KPopper’s Guide are making an ever growing list of “This Is How To Do That.”

Getting everyone on the same page, with the right info, regardless of fandom is a goal for us here at KpG. The better informed we all are on the right way to kpop- the more we’ll be able to get things like “The Views Are Frozen! YouTube is Cheating!!” out of KPop. [“Stop freezing our views!” really is the fruitcake of KPop. It’s the unchanging present no one wants that comes back every season.]

So here’s a list of the How To’s we have so far:

(We’ll add to this list as we post)

  • How To Billboard (a list of all the things you can do that help your faves chart on each of the Billboard charts.)
  • How To Comeback Stage (a list of what Non-Korean fans can do to help your faves win Comeback Stages)
  • How To YouTube (A list of the correct DOs and DON’Ts for streaming on YT)
Bonus Post:
  • Gaon vs, Hanteo (an explanation guide for the differences between the two charts)

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