KPop Calendar

You will find more detailed information of the current month as well previous months archived in Monthly KPop.

KPop Events By The Month


  • 12th – 6th Gaon Kpop Star Awards app voting begins (runs to February 19th)
  • 12th – GDA bangoceanapp voting closes
  • 13th – 31st GDA (Golden Disc Awards, Korea) Day 1
  • 14th – 31st GDA (Golden Disc Awards, Korea) Day 2
  • 16th – ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • 16th – 12th Annual Soompi Awards online voting ends (voting opened December 19th 2016)
  • 17th – SMA app voting ends (voting opened November 25th, 2016)
  • 18th – V Live Channel+ opens
  • 19th – 26th SMA (Seoul Music Awards)
  • 18th – Korean Hip Hop Awards online voting opens
  • 22nd – 12th KKBOX Music Awards, Taiwan
  • 28th – Seolial (Lunar New Year)
  • TBA – Soompi Awards (Web Award)


  • 3rd – Korean Hip Hop Awards online voting closes
  • 22nd – 6th Gaon Chart Awards
  • 25th – 31st Japan Golden Disc Awards
  • 28th – 14th Korean Music Awards


  • 1st – Korean Independence Movement Day
  • 2nd – 2017 One K Global Peace Concert (Manila)
  • 17th – SXSW Kpop NIght Out
  • 17th & 18th – KCON Mexico


  • 8th – 5th YinYueTai V Chart Awards (China)
  • 8th, 9th, & 10th – Hiphopplay Fest
  • 14th – Yang Nam Awards
  • 15th – Hallyu Dream Con, Los Angeles (Staples Center)
  • 16th – Sewol Ferry Remembrance Day
  • 19th -Hallyu Dream Con, New York (Prudential Center)
  • 22nd – Hallyu Dream Con, Charlotte (TWC Arena, Spectrum Center)
  • 29th – 15th Korea Times Music Festival (Hollywood Bowl, CA, USA)
  • TBA – 9th Shorty Awards, NYC (honors the best of Social Media)
  • (Assumed) – KCON Japan


  • 1st – Online voting for BBMAs opens
  • 6th – KPop Festival in MYANMAR
  • 17th – TkC17 (Toronto KPop Con 2017)
  • 19th – Korean Special Presidential Election
  • 19th, 20th, 21st – KCON Japan (Chiba)
  • 21st – BBMA (Billboard Music Awards)
  • TBA – Hallyu Dream Festival (Korea)


  • 3rd – 2017 Dream Concert (Seoul World Cup Stadium)
  • 8th – Korean Memorial Day
  • 10th & 11th – Ultra Korea Music Festival (Seoul)
  • 22nd, 23rd, & 24th – Asian Model Awards Festival
  • 23rd & 24th – KCON NY
  • (Assumed) – KCON Paris


  • (Assumed) – KCON LA
  • 1st – RAPBEAT Australia
  • 7th – Super PopCon (Manilia)
  • 8th – London Korean Fest


  • 11th – 13th – Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
  • 15th – Korean Liberation Day
  • 18th, 19th, & 20th – KCON  LA
  • 25th & 26th – 2nd Jeju Music Festival
  • 27th – MTV Video Music Awards (LA, CA, USA)
  • TBA – Online voting for KPop World Festival begins


  • TBA – KCON Australia
  • 19th – Finalist voting for K-Pop World Festival
  • 29th – K-Pop World Festival (Changwon)
  • TBA – Hallyu Dream Festival (projected month)


  • 3rd – Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) runs through Oct 5th
  • TBA – Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards
  • TBA – Asian Song Festival (projected month)
  • TBA – MAMA prevoting open (projected month)
  • TBA – Busan One Asia Festival (projected month)


  • TBA – Super Seoul Dream Concert (Seoul)
  • TBA – 2nd AAA (Asain Artist Awards)
  • TBA – 9th MMA (MelOn Music Awards)
  • TBA – 24th MTV Europe Music Awards (Best Korean Act category)
  • TBA – SMA app voting open


  • TBA – 19th MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • TBA – SAF (SBS Awards Festival)
    • note: event takes place over several days
  • TBA – Hanteo Album & Singer Awards
  • TBA – 9th PKCI (Philippine KPOP Awards)
  • TBA – SBS PopAsia Awards (Web Award, Australia)
  • TBA -KBS Gayo Daechukje (end of year music celebration)
  • TBA – SBS Gayo Daejeon (end of year music celebration)
  • TBA – MBC Gayo Daejejeon (end of year music celebration
  • TBA – GDA app voting open
  • TBA – Soompi online voting open

Note: World Music Awards – The World Music Awards were canceled for the years 2015 and 2016. The foundation which runs the awards still appears to be active. We will keep you posted should they decide to resume in 2017. The month of the ceremony has varied in the past from May to September.

Debuts, Comebacks, and Events

KPop Release Snapshot – A Quick Look Ahead

Our full calendar with all events and releases can be found in Monthly KPop.

Debuts are in Pink      Events are in Blue       Japanese releases are in Red

Upcoming, Undecided, Rumored, and We-Heard-It-Through-The-Grapevine-And-We’re-Totally-Praying-It’s-True

  • Yezi
  • Rain
  • Blanch (debut mini album)
  • Osshun Gum (Choi HaMin)
  • Lee Hyori
  • Gummy (1st release in 9 years)
  • EXO (rumored for February, March, May, July, “summer”)
  • iKON (mid to late April)
  • Infinite (rumored July)
  • iTeen Girls
  • Fantagio Girls
  • 14U
  • 9Muses
  • I.O.I solo debuts
  • WM Boys (WM Ent., mid-late 2017)
  • BTS (full album drop, late summer- fall)
  • J-Hope (BTS) Mixtape
  • NCT U
  • BYT
  • IZ (possible August debut)







KpG Note:

We can’t promise we’ll always be right because (as every seasoned KPopper knows) KPopping announced comeback dates are more… let’s call them “likely suggestions”.

However, we promise to do our best. And if you see a date that we have listed and you know it’s wrong; or you know of a band that has a release that we don’t have listed, please let us know. We want to keep our charts as up to date as possible.

KpG Thanks:

Many thanks and gratitude to Soompi, Yibada, Officially KMUSICKpopMap, MWtumblr_inline_nhmc0sfljq1r5z6ap.gifave,  the bestest best KHH Underground mag HHKR, KoreaDaily, the poppers over at /r/kpop, and the awesome people who update all the things on Wiki. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to put together this list.

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