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List of PAK Records (Perfect All-Kills)

A PAK (Perfect All Kill) is different from a Certified All Kill and an All Kill. A PAK is 1st in all categories including the Weekly chart. There are many groups with All Kills, and Certified All Kills. [Example: f(x) got a Certified All Kill for Electric Shock but not weekly, so it's not a… Continue reading List of PAK Records (Perfect All-Kills)

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Korean Broadcasters Strike: What You Need To Know

So, by now you have undoubtedly heard the employees of South Korean networks of KBS and MBC are going on strike. Unfortunately there is a barrage of incorrect data floating around as to the when/what/why. [The most ridiculous I saw was "they just don't want *insert band* to win." Are we really surprised that one came up? *sigh* Not really.] So we here at KPopper's Guide have decided to list a rundown...